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BulkSak® is part of a successful family of products under Conitex Sonoco’s Flexible Products Division. Conitex Sonoco, fully acquired by Sonoco Products Company in 2018, is part of a global network of 21,000 employees with approximately 300 operations in 33 countries.

Under the BulkSak® brand, we offer bulk bags and related flexible packaging capabilities, including an array of ready-made bulk bag inventories, UN-certified bags, accredited food quality bulk bags, woven polypropylene bags, BOPP bags, batch inclusion bags, bale wrap, bags and sheets, and convenient bulk bag accessories like bulk bag pallets, poly liners, tier sheets, and pallet liners. 

Our manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers offer reliable delivery, service, and support worldwide. Our production facility in Malvern, Arkansas, USA provides a reliable domestic source for supply chain uncertainties. Our in-house and US-based Material Science Engineering Department provides the technical knowledge and support to address any flexible packaging challenge and works hand-in-hand with our US and in-country sourcing managers to meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, specifications, and cost. The only thing more dependable and trustworthy than our products is our company.

FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® | bulkbags | bulksack


FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® | bulkbags | bulksack


FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® | bulkbags | bulksack


FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® | bulkbags | bulksack



With over three decades of experience serving thousands of clients in more than 50 countries, Conitex Sonoco now brings that expertise home to give you a new standard for bulk bag production and dependable delivery. BulkSak® USA brand offers domestic bag design, production and warehousing at our centralized, convenient location in Malvern, Arkansas with additional warehousing and distribution in Gastonia, North Carolina.


Quality Inside and Out

At Conitex Sonoco, we build superior value into every product, from our high-grade materials and craftsmanship to our Quality Assurance process:

  • Material Science Engineering Department to meet the needs of the most technically demanding industries and products
  • In-country sourcing managers to oversee raw product sourcing and production
  • Customer requirements matched to proper manufacturer capabilities and specs
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to ensure quality control
  • On-site inspection for each order, performed by trained company personnel
  • On-line logistic tracking system for reliable delivery notifications

With domestic manufacturing, we can respond to any FIBC challenges you may face

  • Hard-to-project bag inventory needs due to volatile business cycles or unpredictable customer requirements

  • Smaller quantities below import minimums or intermittent order requests

  • Requirements for highly customized bag applications including hazardous material handling

  • Problems with overseas deliveries, requiring stop-gap quantities

  • Requests for quick-turn prototype development

  • Transporting high-value materials that require specialized bag properties

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FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® | bulkbags | bulksack


24/7 Access to View, Track and Reorder BulkSak® Products

When you register for online access to your existing account information through BulkSak® Direct, you take the guesswork out of doing business with a flexible packaging partner you can count on.

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Global Presence. Local Focus.

Our worldwide network provides customers with cost effective manufacturing options and dependable international and domestic delivery.



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Flexible Packaging Driven By Innovation

With a global network of manufacturers and warehousing facilities, we ensure the highest quality materials, strict compliance to customer specifications, and on-time delivery, all at a very competitive cost.


We also offer technical design and development expertise to enhance your existing products or develop new products to meet your business goals.

FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® | bulkbags | bulksack

You’re too busy to deal with supply uncertainties.

We are known globally for delivering the best quality at the lowest total cost, consistently.

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BulkSak Products

For your convenience, BulkSak® maintains a steady supply of ready-made FIBC bulk bags for rapid delivery. Between our six locations, we currently have thousands of items in stock and ready to ship.  Most stocked bulk bag inventory ships same day when ordered before 1:00 p.m. EST. 


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We rely on Conitex Sonoco. They stand behind their product and they make it right.


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FIBC Bulk Bags | BulkSak ® by Conitex Sonoco



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