Our Business

BulkSak™ by Conitex Sonoco is part of a successful family of products under Conitex Sonoco’s Flexible Products Division. An international company, Conitex Sonoco operates facilities on four continents with corporate offices in Barcelona, Spain; Miami, Florida, and Gastonia, North Carolina.

Under the BulkSak® brand, we offer FIBC and related packaging capabilities, including expanded ready-made inventories, UN-certified bags, AIB participant food quality bags, dunnage bags, BOPP bags, bale bags, wrap and sheets.

Our manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers offer reliable delivery service and support worldwide. Our production facility in Malvern, Arkansas is a proud AIB manufacturing participant. This location also provides the added convenience of providing custom samples when needed.

Our Pillars of Performance

Reliable Quality
Custom Innovation
Delivery Assurance
Worldwide Support