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Conitex-Sonoco provides top-quality bulk bag solutions for a wide range of products including those in the Aggregate & Construction industry. We recognize that custom solutions are needed in order to package and transport sand, gravel, and more which is why our products are made-to-order for your business needs. 

We understand that many companies may store their products outside, requiring a packaging solution that can withstand the elements. Our Material Science Engineers make bag customizations based on your company’s types of production, handling equipment and shipping operations. For instance, if UV protection is a concern of yours then we can add in a UV additive or recommend a black bulk bag for 35% increased UV performance over a standard white bulk bag.

We expertly produce a variety of bags with care and ensure they can handle heavy loads. The materials are reinforced for construction products of up to 8,000 lbs with a 6:1 safe working load. One of our reinforcement methods include sift proofing to address product loss in finer grades of aggregate materials such as sand. In addition to FIBC bulk bags, we also offer polypropylene valve bags and paper bags to ensure you have a variety to choose from in order to better fit your needs. 


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Reach out to one of our customer service representatives with your plastic pallet needs, and we will give you a personalized quote. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get bulk bags shipped to me?

If they are in stock, our bulk bags and inventory items ship out the same day if ordered before 1:00 PM Eastern.

Will these bulk bags fit my equipment? 

Our Bulk Bags and lift loops can be customized in size as well as to fit the lifting and transportation equipment you have at your facility. 

What types of storage solutions do you offer for construction materials?

  • Multi-wall Paper Valve bags
  • Sand and erosion control bags
  • Sand Bag Totes/BulkBags
  • Woven PP Valve Bags
  • Bulk Bags

Paper Valve Bags

What are the benefits of Paper Valve Bags?

  • Highly Customizable
  • Natural appearance
  • Environmentally friendly & recyclable
  • Multi-wall options
  • Low cost

What kinds of Paper Valve bags do you offer? 

  • Natural Kraft - Short, fiber that requires thicker paper to maintain strength for heavier loads. 
  • Extensible paper - stronger, more breathable bag that does not require thicker lining so that you can fit more product into it. 

Sand Bag FAQs

What are the benefits of sand bags?

  • Ideal for flood/erosion control & highway barriers
  • Variety of sizes
  • Easy to stack
  • Water & UV resistance superior to burlap

What are our Sand Bags made of?

Our sand bags are water-resistant polypropylene bags that hold up well to outdoor elements. 

Woven PP Valve Bags

What are our Valve Bags made of? 

We offer paper valve bags as well as water-resistant woven polypropylene valve bags. 

What are the benefits of our Woven Polypropylene Valve Bags?

  • Eliminate paper bag breakage during the production process
  • Reduce production downtime associated with product cleanup
  • Increase throughput and efficiencies
  • Significant cost savings over paper valve bags
  • Micro-perforations for air release
  • Anti-skid coding, matte finish (no sliding, good for stacking) 
  • Custom options & add-ons

 FIBC Bulk Bags

What are the benefits of our construction bulk bags?

  • Custom design options
  • SWLs between 500 - 8,000 lbs
  • 6;1 SWL
  • Well-suited to high-speed filling applications
  • Domestic or overseas production
  • Type A, B and C sift proofing available

What is the load limit of our construction bulk bags?

The materials are reinforced for construction products of up to 8,000 lbs with a 6:1 safe working load. 

What kind of custom features can be added to our construction FIBC Bags? 

  • UV additives - for storing outside
  • Lift Loop reinforcement options
  • Sift proofing 
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