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Your Food Grade Bulk Bags Just Got an Upgrade


Backed by a full range of FIBC BULK BAG production capabilities, Conitex Sonoco can provide the delivery flexibility and performance that your business requires to meet the demands of the Food Industry.

The raw material and all the components used in the manufacturing of our food-grade bulk bags are compliant for use in food-contact applications and are produced with virgin PP, PE, UVI and are not produced with any known chemicals.

We build superior value into every product, from our high-grade materials and craftsmanship to our Quality Assurance process, which includes a production part approval process where we start verification on the production line so we can make sure that your product specifications are met from the very beginning. We also include a first article inspection as part of our services so you can receive and check over a sample from the production line prior to shipment to avoid delays. 

Conitex Sonoco recognizes that there is no standard for food-grade bulk bags which is why our packaging experts are well-versed in creating food grade products that are tailored to fit the unique specifications of your order. Knowing what our customers require from us from the start is a key step in creating a successful product that we can stand behind.


Discover Our Stocked Food Grade Inventory

These bulk bags are available to ship same day when ordered before 1 PM ET

Ref# Bag Size Cubic Model Qty/Pallet Notes
353550-USS-2500 35x35x50 45.1 Spout/
205 Uncoated
353540-CSS-3000 35x35x40 36.1 Spout/
230 Coated
353545-CSS-3000 35x35x45 40.6. Spout/
220 Coated
353555-CDS-3000 35x35x55 49.6. Duffle/
175 Coated
353560-CDS-3000 35x35x60 54.1. Duffle/
175 Coated
353560-CSS-3000 35x35x60 54.1. Spout/
175 Coated
353560-USS-3000 35x35x60 54.1. Spout/
190 Uncoated


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BulkSak® Food Grade Bulk Bag Manufacturing Options: 

Production Levels

Level 1:

BulkSak® Standard Grade FIBCs

Level 2:

BulkSak® US Manufactured Food Grade FIBCs

Level 3:

BulkSak® Food Grade Certified FIBCs

Raw Materials Food according to EC and FDA norms X X X
  Food grade oils (H1) used on sewing machines X X X
Cleanliness of Bags Free from dirt and thread contamination  X X X
  Air wash X X X
  Light table X   X
  Metal detector    X X
Building, Room, Hygiene Requirements  Access control to plant    X X
  Protective clothing   X X
  Hygiene policy    X X
  Cleaning procedures X X X
  Pest control   X X
  GMP rules   X X
Product Description Heat cutting X X  
  Ultra sonic cutting     X
Certifications ISO 9001 X X X


Optional Accreditations
FSSC 22000 X




Pair Your Food Grade Bulk Bags with Our Hygienic Pallet Options


Firmaload Bulk Bag Pallets

Our Firmaload bulk bag pallets are designed and constructed with stability in mind and enough strength to support the heaviest of bulk bags—including food ingredients, minerals, powders or petrochemicals.

Bulk Bag Plastic Pallet-1

Plastic Bulk Bag Pallets

Conitex Sonoco’s Plastic Bulk Bag Pallet is ideal for export shipments. UV treated to offer better resistance to weather, they are lightweight, low profile and sturdy enough to hold 2 stacked bulk bags, providing a means to increase payload per shipment.


Nestable Plastic Pallets

The space-saving capacity and lightweight design of our nestable plastic pallets combine to reduce shipping costs/trip producing a quick ROI.

Durable, reusable, twin-sheet thermoformed pallets and tops have a ten-year life expectancy ranging between 50 – 100 plus trips.

flat stacks on pallet_8in_0

FlatStack Paperboard Sheets

FlatStack Paperboard Sheets are a sustainable packaging solution that offer a lightweight alternative to traditional sheets. Made from 100% recycled fiber and customizable to suit your company's unique needs, these paperboard sheets save time and money during packaging and transport of your materials.


Request Pricing

Reach out to one of our customer service representatives with your plastic pallet needs, and we will give you a personalized quote. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What materials are used to make food grade bulk bags?

To ensure food grade products do not become contaminated, the bags are manufactured with virgin polypropylene which means they don't contain any recycled materials to help keep your food pure.

Are these bags FDA approved?
The FDA does not issue any certifications or approval for bulks bags. Food grade bulk bags that are made with 100% virgin polypropylene are a safe product in which to store your food.

Can I get bags right away?

Yes, if they are in stock, they can ship out the same day if ordered before 1:00 PM Eastern.

Do I need a certified food grade bulk bag?

Depending on the quality standards required by your plant or your customer, if any, there are different quality certifications that you can request such as FSSC 22000, BRC (Brand Reputation through Compliance), or AIB. Otherwise, you can request your bulk bag supplier to provide documentation for their sanitary handling and manufacturing practices.

What is the Global Food Safety Initiative?

The Global Food Safety Initiative is a private organization, established and managed by the international trade association, the Consumer Goods Forum under Belgian law in May 2000. The GFSI maintains a scheme to benchmark food safety standards for manufacturers as well as farm assurance standards.

What are all the different Food Safety Standards?

BRC (formerly the British Retail Consortium) Brand Reputation through Compliance, FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification, IFS (International Featured Standards), SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute), AIB (formerly the American Institute for Baking) International.

What is the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety?

BRC (formerly the British Retail Consortium) Brand Reputation through Compliance is a market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain. Founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to harmonize food safety standards across the supply chain, BRC’s Global Standards for Food Safety, Packaging and Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution, Consumer Products, Agents and Brokers, Retail, and Gluten Free set the benchmark for good manufacturing practice, and help provide assurance to customers that your products are safe, legal and of high quality.

The BRC standards are divided into seven sections:

- Senior Management Commitment and Continuous Improvement
- A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan for food safety (HACCP)
- A Food safety and quality management system
- Site standards
- Product control
- Process control
- Personnel - training, protective clothing and hygiene

The latest issue (Issue 7) of the standard was published in January 2015. Learn more about the BRC here.

What is the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000)?

According to the website, the Foundation Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) offers a complete certification Scheme for the auditing and certification of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) or FSMS and Quality Management Systems (FSSC 22000-Quality).

The Scheme uses international and independent standards such as ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 22003 and technical specifications for sector specific Pre-Requisite Programs (PRPs), such as ISO/TS 22002-1. These standards were developed through a wide and open consultation with a large number of international stakeholders. Besides these standards, the Scheme contains so-called FSSC Additional Requirements which can be found in the FSSC 22000 Scheme documents.

The FSSC 22000 Scheme consists of three components: ISO 22000, sector specific PRPs and additional requirements. Besides these three components there’s a FSSC 22000-Quality option based on the additional requirements of ISO 9001.

For organizations wishing to integrate their food quality management system into the scope of their certification, FSSC 22000-Quality certification is available. FSSC 22000-Quality consists of a combined FSSC 22000 and full ISO 9001 audit.

What is AIB International Food Safety Certification?

AIB International (formerly the American Institute for Baking) is a pioneer and leader in food safety auditing and education. Founded in 1919 in the United States, AIB conducts audits and inspections in over 10,000 facilities in 120 countries by 130+ highly trained and qualified, full-time field staff. Through its inspection and audit activities, AIB also provides a valuable educational service to all of its clients.

AIB standards include the following five categories, which form the basis of inspection steps. Some apply more to the manufacturing environment than distribution.

- Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
- Maintenance for Food Safety
- Cleaning Practices
- Integrated Pest Management
- Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs

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