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Conitex Sonoco delivers high-quality bags that are supported by the full range of FIBC, batch inclusion and more. FIBC Bulk Bags can help you run your packaging processes efficiently and on-time for a variety of materials including rubber, synthetic polymers and many different chemical compounds including silica, sulfur, zinc oxide, aluminum trihydrate and more. Ideally, our Bulk Bags for tire and rubber products are paired with Loadrunner corrugated pallets that are light-weight, ISPM compliant and mold-free for easy and safe exportation. 

We offer select products that include low melt batch inclusion valves that are used to contain powders, pellets and flowable materials. The benefits of this design include more uniform mixtures, cleaner work environment, reduced labor, minimal exposure to hazardous materials and more. 

Our products are made 100% in spec so you get results that are tailored specifically to your business needs. With no two bag specifications created the same, we are confident our custom bags will meet your design requests perfectly. 


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Reach out to one of our customer service representatives with your plastic pallet needs, and we will give you a personalized quote. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What types of rubber do you offer storage solutions for? 

Our products are used for a variety of rubbers such as crumb rubber and for raw materials used in rubber manufacturing such as carbon. 

What bags are best for storing and transporting crumb rubber?

Bulk bags are very large in size and can have a UV additive for additional protection when storing outside, making them a great fit for crumb rubber. 

What bags are best for storing carbon and other raw materials used in rubber manufacturing?

Batch inclusion bags are made of polyethylene and hold up to 50lbs. With a no-waste design, your hopper will dissolve the bag during the manufacturing process making these bags a great option for carbon manufacturers. 

What are the guidelines for storing bulk bags outside?

You should store bulk bags for no longer than 60 days outside. After 3-4 days, a shroud or cover will be needed to prevent deterioration as a result of exposure to UV rays.  Often, lift loops are the first feature of the bulk bag to show sun damage, becoming brittle and making it dangerous to lift the bulk bag. We often recommend black bulk bags as they provide 30% more UV protection than the standard white bulk bags. 

What products are best for storing tires? 

We recommend our batch inclusion bags paired with our Loadrunner Corrugated pallets. For crumb rubber, our bulk bags are a perfect option.

How can I prevent rubber contamination during manufacturing? 

Our corrugated pallets are hygienic and very safe to use in tire production and do not splinter like a wooden pallet. 

How soon can I get bulk bags shipped to me?

Yes, if they are in stock, they can ship out the same day if ordered before 1:00 PM Eastern.

Will these bags fit my equipment? 

Our Bulk Bags and lift loops can be customized in size as well as to fit the lifting and transportation equipment you have at your facility. 

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