FIBC Bulk Bag Liners

FIBC Bulk Bag Liner Features

Tube Bulk Bag Liner:

  • Most common type of liner
  • Open top, commonly heat sealed closure
  • tube/ cylindrical shape
  • Can be purchased by the roll

Form-Fit Bulk Bag Liner:

  • Designed to fit bulk bag including open/closure
  • Improves bag performance:
    • Reduces product catching during filling process 
    • Protects product during filling, transport and warehousing

Baffle Bulk Bag Liner:

  • Maintains square shape after filled
  • Prevents deformation of bulk bag and product pushing outward
  • Shape allows for more stable stacking 
  • Allows for more product per square foot storage

Aluminum Bulk Bag Liner:

  • Laminated Aluminum film liners provide superior moisture barrier and UV protection
  • Custom form shaped to bulk bag
  • Improves filling and discharge