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Provides 100% coverage flexographic print capability with fast drying. Prevents paint transfer and tackiness associated with full color printing on paper valve bags.


A value-priced alternative to paper, our block bottom woven PP valve bags are stronger, have richer printing and can come in any fabric color…even brown to mimic a paper bag.

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Durable, woven polypropylene fabric provides a stronger packaging solution than the traditional paper valve bag.


Also offered in BOPP laminate with both circular and back seam construction, these BOPP bags are offered with optional open top, popular in Pet Food packaging.

Our Woven Polypropylene Valve Bags feature a stable block bottom and self-sealing valves, perfect for fast and easy filling. Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, colors and more, these bags are highly customizable and well-suited for a wide range of applications. 


  • Multi-color printing (Up to 8 colors)
  • Width – 30cm to 60cm
  • Length – 38cm to 120cm
  • Patch – 80cm to 160cm
  • Valve – 95cms to 200cms
  • Fabric weave – 8x8, 10x10, 12x12
  • Fabric denier – 600 to 1500
  • Fabric GSM – 50 gsm to 140 gsm 

Popular Applications

  • Promotional Shopping Bags
  • Grain & Pulses Bags
  • Seed Bags
  • Fertilizer & Chemical Bags
  • Sugar Bags
  • Food & Spices Bags
  • Animal Feed Bags

Woven Polypropylene Valve Bags feature a puncture-resistant fabric ideal for the packaging and transport of a wide array of products and materials. Valve bags are available in traditional valves, extended valves, and tucked-in valves, and can be packed on bales or pallets. Anti-skid print on the backside can be done using a diamond pattern. Micro-perforation is available per customer requirement. Open-mouth or valve closure also available. Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of Woven PP bags versus traditional paper valve bags


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