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Material Comparison: Wood Pallets vs Corrugated Paper Pallets

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 03,2018

Engineers are always looking for a better, faster, cheaper way to execute their processes. That’s what they do...

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How to Choose the Right Type of FIBC Fabric

Posted by Chris Wheeler on May 02,2018

Choosing the right type of FIBC fabric is the difference between success and failure in your manufacturing pro...

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Don’t Make These FIBC Bulk Bag Mistakes

Posted by Dwayne Ezekiel on April 25,2018

You likely would not do anything that would damage or lessen the effectiveness of your FIBC bulk bag. After al...

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Corrugated Paper Pallet Myths: Are They Strong Enough?

Posted by Daniel Beighle on April 17,2018

Breaking the Myths of Corrugated Paper Pallets Series: Part 1 - Strength Corrugated paper pallets are a great ...

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eTC Supplier of the Year: Conitex Sonoco

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on December 14,2017

We are proud to be chosen as the Supplier of the Year by eTextile Communications. They seek to provide insight...

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