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4 Ways to Overcome Supply Chain Issues When Ordering Sandbags

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on December 13,2022

Imagine this: You’re searching for bulk sandbags online to prepare for emergency flooding, but they aren’t the quality you require, you can’t get the amount you need, and worst of all, you can’t receive the sandbags in time.

This sounds like the setup of a disaster movie. When you’re preparing for emergency flooding or quickly setting up highway barriers, you don’t have time for supply chain issues. At Sonoco, we have processes to ensure this scenario doesn’t happen. With a little bit of planning, we can have the bags you need when you need them. 

How to Overcome Supply Chain Issues When Ordering Sandbags

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many supply chain issues, resulting in uncertainties around necessities such as sandbags. For those in the military and construction work, sandbags are critical items to prepare for emergency flooding, set up camps, weigh items down, or establish impromptu highway barriers. Although supply chain issues for military and construction use cases can be stressful, you can take steps to overcome them.

Establish a VMI Service agreement with domestic warehousing locations  

When you’re helping prepare for emergency flooding, you don’t have time to wait weeks, nor can you handle an order being canceled due to supply chain issues. Have your supplier help manage your inventory levels and communicate frequently with them to prepare for upcoming seasonal weather events or scheduled construction projects. 

Look for a partner with multiple manufacturing locations

For maximum surity of supply,  find a supplier with multiple manufacturing locations. The supplier can help you find the best resource for your order according to your needs. Most importantly, you’ll be better able to avoid shipping delays, labor shortages, and other supply chain issues.

Ensure there is accessible customer service.

You want to talk to a real person, not an automated app that can’t understand the intricacies of your situation. Working with a person who cares about quality and the particular application of your sandbags is important. 

Not all sandbags are made for the same uses. For example, if the bags will be outside for extended periods, they’ll be built and tested for extra UV protection. If the sandbags will be used in a worksite where they may be on a forklift, they'll be tested for lift loop durability. At Sonoco, our materials science engineers help manage your account to avoid price, environment, or design risks and ensure they understand your requirements for shipping, product specifications, and more.

Keep your specifications up to date

Not all sandbags are created equal. There are different sizes, types, and weight capacities, in addition to the various use applications. Make sure you get sandbags with the specifications and features you need in consideration of any new projects or performance requirements so that what you want is in stock by the time they are needed. In doing so, you will spend less time waiting for bags to be produced and shipped.

Look for a durable and reliable product.

Woven polypropylene sandbags are more effective for flood control than untreated burlap sacks. This type of sandbag holds up to the elements and provides better water and UV resistance, which is essential for emergency flood preparation. 

Whether you get 50 lb bags or 2,200 lb bulk bags, you also want to ensure they are stackable to account for rising water levels. Both bag sizes are ideal for flood and erosion control. Smaller bags provide control without handling equipment, but are more labor intensive while bulk bags filled with sand are trickier to handle but can be filled and staged faster with the proper equipment

Additionally, the construction of bulk woven polypropylene sandbags makes them ideal for erosion control when filled with pea gravel. This allows more permeability for water to flow through the bag while stabilizing the soil. 

Sonoco Provides Durable, Trusted Sandbags When You Need Them

Quality sandbags are critical in the military and construction industries, but they only work when you get them within the required timeline. Working with a reliable partner for bulk sandbags will ensure you have the sustainable sandbags you need, with additional benefits such as accessible customer service, VMI services from domestic warehouses, and multiple manufacturing locations. 

There are many factors to consider, including experience, certifications, geographic availability, and more when vetting a bulk bag vendor. We’ll help you understand what to look for in our new guide, Vetting Bulk Bag Vendors (Full 2023 Guide): What to Look for in an FIBC Supplier. 



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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team