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5 Ways to Determine the Quality of Your Coreboard

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on January 09,2023

In your business, you use strategic packaging solutions to transport, protect, and store everything from your valuable raw materials, supplies, and products to your customer’s products and other valuable assets. Packaging is, therefore, an indispensable part of your business. One vital part of packaging is a piece known as coreboard. 

When was the last time you thought about the quality of your coreboard? As it turns out, minute differences in quality can have a large impact. 

For example, if your customer is a textile company, you likely want to ship them the best, strongest, most reliable paper tubes. If those paper tubes—or cores—are warped, bent, or have inconsistencies in them, your customers won’t be able to roll their product efficiently. As they wrap their materials around the core, they will experience wrinkles in their product that could adversely affect their textiles. 

Their material is worth a lot. Comparatively, the cores they choose don’t cost much. However, your choice of coreboard matters for their end result. Interested in making sure that you have the best-quality coreboard possible? It doesn’t have to cost more, but you do need to be savvy to know your options.


1. Know the grade of coreboard that you need.

Do you need flexible, semirigid, or rigid coreboard? Different types, or grades, of coreboard will have different appearances, strengths, and other properties. Coreboard manufacturers can vary the type and amount of fibers they use, the processing and separation of those fibers, and other treatments to produce coreboard that is able to perform in specific ways. 

When you’re assessing coreboard, first consider what you need it to do, then select a grade to match. 


2. Consider the coreboard engineering solutions available. 

The way coreboard is engineered can dictate what it’s able to do for you. You can request different features in your coreboard products, including different weights, moisture resistance levels, water absorption, smoothness, or bulk. 

Ultimately, your coreboard needs to be engineered so that it’s resistant to both flat and radial crushing or any other technical specification. It also needs to be strong enough to be able to stand up to the pressure of having materials tightly wound around it as well as the pressure of being tightly packed, stored, and shipped over potentially long periods of time. 


3. Be on the lookout for high-quality raw materials.

Like most things, coreboard can be formed of high- or low-quality raw materials. Ideally, you want coreboard that is manufactured without contaminants or any other particles that could damage your process—or your customer’s products. 

The better quality that the raw materials are, the more your paper products will be able to do for you. 


4. Seek out customizable options for your business.

Your products are unique. So are your customer’s products. The coreboard used to provide support for them should match their exact specifications. A high-quality coreboard manufacturer will be able to customize your coreboard to your needs. 


5. Assess the technology involved in making your prospective coreboard. 

It may not seem like it, but paper is an extremely innovative business. The best practices and latest tools available are continually changing. 

When you’re choosing a coreboard supplier, you want to see that they’re constantly investing in state-of-the-art tech and that they have a robust quality control process. 

Why? Again, it comes down to the not-simple specs that a coreboard product must deliver. Your cores and packaging materials must withstand contact from fast-moving machinery. They need to be built to very exact specifications, and every coreboard coil or reel in an order needs to be completely uniform. That’s a tall order, and it involves complex architecture for every single customized piece. 


Your coreboard has powerful potential. Find high-quality options at Conitex Sonoco.

We’re happy to provide top-notch coreboard that will pass any quality inspection. Our products are flawlessly engineered to be strong, durable, smooth, and reliable for your company’s needs. From standard types of paperboard to the most technically demanding grades, we’ll be able to deliver customized solutions for you. 

Reach out to Conitex Sonoco for more information about smart, sustainable, and sensibly priced coreboard products. 


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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team