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Are Hemp Farmers Prepared with the Right Bulk Bags for Harvest Season?

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on May 12,2021

With every harvest season, hemp farmers face a stark (and potentially costly) challenge. While this is true of many industries, hemp in particular has many specific storage and processing needs. If these needs aren’t met, the product—be it hemp biomass for smokable or CBD  oil extraction–could easily volatilize or spoil. 

For hemp farmers, avoiding a hemp-tastrophe needs to be priority No. 1. We’re here to help you avoid any situation in which you risk or lose your investment because of a storage mismatch. 

Having the right storage can go a long way toward giving you the security you need. Packaging and transport solutions–including bulk bags–can help forestall crises in many ways, including helping farmers harvest at precisely the right time and keep their product fresh from harvest through processing.

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Selecting the perfect bag that’s optimized for your specific industry will save you time and money in the long run. At Conitex Sonoco, we believe that we have just the thing.

Bulk Bags: A Customizable Tool Specific to Seasons–and Your Business 

Your FIBC bulk bags can be an integral part of your business strategy this harvest season. With the right bag, you can reduce your product’s susceptibility to spoiling. You can protect your investment–and your bottom line. You can increase your savings with a storage solution that’s far from standard.

If that sounds good to you, here’s what to keep in mind. 

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The Importance of Finding (or Customizing) the Right Bulk Bags for Your Business

First things first: A bulk bag can be more than just a bag. 

hemp biomass storage bagHere’s a quick thought experiment: Remember the last time you tried to bring too many groceries in from your car in a thin, flimsy, won’t-make-it-to-the-front-door bag with handles that tear off in seconds? At the very least, you were frustrated (and you might even have had groceries spilling out all over your driveway). 

Now think of your business. The risks that accompany using the wrong types of bags are far greater than frustration and spilled milk. 

Let’s talk about the right kind of bag for you. 

Our FIBC BulkSaks feature a wide array of customization options, including various fill and discharge spouts depending on how you need to use them. The bags we produce are all well suited to high-speed filling applications and are produced to be perfect for food-grade products. 

They’re also durable. Our bags are rated with safe working loads between 500-6,000 pounds. If you need to track your product, we can add bar code labeling too. Choose your material, your top and bottom design, your handles, and more to reduce your workload and keep your product more secure. 

We can also help you with modified atmosphere packaging that can help your crops and investments go the extra mile (perhaps literally). Our bags can protect against moisture, heat, and sunlight to help seal in the integrity of your hemp. That way you can suspend the degradation of your product, allowing you to make your business decisions based on strategy, not necessity. 

When you consider that the root of many less-than-great business decisions comes down to a deadline spurred by the decreasing freshness of your product, considering your packaging a tool to give you back that extra time can be an incredibly powerful thing. 

Picture It: Your Harvest Season Without the Right Bulk Bags

Image of a hemp processing system that reads "Introducing: The Herbsak(R) Modified Atmosphere Bulk Packaging System for Hemp Biomass. Learn More."As you know, hemp has very specific harvest and storage needs. In addition, it can also be a while before you can process your supply. In order to optimize your processing and selling timelines based on your equipment, your buyers, and other conditions that may not be in your control, you need a bulk bag that can help keep your hemp in good condition. 

Remember, without the right hemp bags, you could stand to lose a lot of product–and a lot of money. Right now, this is even more prescient. The supply delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are going to influence your entire industry’s ability to get the required packaging and processing support products. Planning months ahead of schedule is par for the course, but this year, the supply-and-demand cycle will make ordering early a necessity. 

Translation? Now is the time to get your specified, customized, high-quality bags ordered … before it’s too late to make a difference for this season’s harvest.

Conitex Sonoco: Ready to Support Your Most Efficient Harvest Season

When you’re harvesting hemp, you want to know that all of your hard work is going to go to good use. You want to see a return on that investment. You want to make sure that your product will be fresh and viable as long as you need, which is where strategic, high-quality packaging will be your go-to insider secret this harvest. 

At Conitex Sonoco, it’s our goal to help you achieve yours. By helping you optimize your packaging systems and by helping you source and specify a bulk bag that will work seamlessly for you and fulfill all of your needs, we’re helping you meet all of your business initiatives this season. You can rely on us for more information and any other packaging needs you may have. Give us a call now to get ready for your best harvest season yet. 

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team