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The Best Pallets for Green Companies: Breaking Corrugated Paper Pallet Myths

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on June 05,2018

As the third part of our “Breaking the Myths of Corrugated Paper Pallets” series, let’s explore sustainability...

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FIBC Facility Ops Best Practices: Options for Bulk Bag Filling

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 31,2018

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their production lines more efficient. If you’re a manufactu...

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What are the Different Types of Corrugated Paper Pallets?

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 28,2018

Manufacturers are faced with a few options when choosing the best type of pallet for their needs. For example,...

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UN Certified Bulk Bags and Transporting Dangerous Goods

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 15,2018

Are you transporting Dangerous Goods? According to the United Nations, Dangerous Goods (or hazardous materials...

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Options to Customize your FIBC Bulk Bag

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 10,2018

Everyone knows FIBC bulk bags are flexible, it’s in their name. How customizable are FIBCs? The short answer, ...

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