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Bulk Bag Dimensions Built to Save Time and Money

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on December 19,2022

When you’re buying anything in bulk or sourcing solutions to manage your bulk products, mere inches can make a huge difference. Think about it: The length, width, depth, and other easy-to-confuse details about your bulk bags determine the amount of product you’re able to ship and store, foundational constraints for your daily processes, your pricing considerations, and more. 

Ultimately, the dimensions you choose can be a huge driving factor for crucial business costs and considerations, so it’s only in your best interest to choose dimensions that save you time and money

Here’s what you need to know. 

bulk bag dimensions

What bulk bag dimensions are important to concentrate on? 

In the bulk bag manufacturing world, there are several key terms that can be confusing—and are definitely not interchangeable. Some relevant phrases to remember for your next order may include: 

  • Bag Height: A bag’s height is measured from the top seam to the bottom seam. 
  • Volume: A bulk bag’s volume refers to the size or amount of material that a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) can hold. Generally, this measurement will be reported in cubic feet. 
  • Safety Factor: Though less of a dimension and more an important consideration, a bag’s safety factor refers to the amount of load a bag has been proven to safely handle. It’s an industry standard that an FIBC should be able to handle five or six times its safe working load. 

It’s also key to note that not all dimensions are made equal. For example, there’s a difference between the internal and external dimensions of a bulk bag, and you don’t want to get them confused! Your bag manufacturer should be able to help you identify the right way to determine measurements depending on the specific type of FIBC that you need for your applications. 

particle size, bulk bag dimensions, fabric weight

What factors should you consider when placing your next order?

When designing your ideal bulk bag solution and readying it to be a great tool for consistent, scalable work, consider:

  • The bulk density of your product
  • The safe working load of existing bags from your manufacturer
  • The particle size of your product (this may influence fabric choice)
  • Special considerations regarding your material, such as if you need food-grade materials or UN certified bags and special labeling requirements for hazardous materials
  • Specific design constraints (facility limitations, for example) that will drive bag design
  • Details regarding your bag-filling method
  • Whether you need a liner

Each of these considerations may influence the ultimate dimensions for a strategically designed bag, so make sure that your manufacturer is aware of this information. 

correct bulk bag dimensions increase payload

How will the correct bag size help you save?

Getting the right size of FIBC for your application will save you a lot of stress and frustration, but it can also help you save time and money. For example, increased, optimized dimensions for your bulk bags can often mean that you don’t have to buy as many bags because you can safely store more of your product in each FIBC. 

With high-quality bags, you can expect to fit more product in each bag, which, depending on the specific pricing structure that you use, can increase your payload. Also, with high-quality bags that you customize for your unique processes, facilities, and logistics, you will be able to save time and space by storing and shipping your bags more efficiently.

Finally, if you’re able to narrow in on a specifically designed bag with custom dimensions made by a trusted manufacturer, you may be able to obtain a discounted price through a bulk or recurring order. This will save you time, money, and stress—a win all around. 

We can help you leverage your bags to support your business.

When you’re making a bulk bag order, it’s clear that there’s a lot on the line. The right FIBC bulk bags can provide a lot of value for you and your business. The wrong bags can cause a lot of frustration and lead to more expensive bag orders that you could have avoided with some savvy shopping. 

At Conitex Sonoco, it’s our goal to help you get your order right the first time, so you can save time and money. Fortunately, we’re also experts at customizing bulk bags for specialized needs. Ready to put together a strategic bulk bag order that will support both you and your business’s goals without stress? Give us a call today. We’re happy to help.


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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team