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3 Reasons Domestic FIBC Manufacturing is Important to Your Operations

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on November 15,2022

When you are looking for an FIBC supplier it’s important to consider where their manufacturing facilities are based. Some distributors sell and transport products from overseas manufacturers; others sell directly from domestic manufacturing facilities in-country. Considering the fact that there are only a handful of domestic FIBC manufacturers, more often than not, you will find FIBCs sourced from foreign manufacturers. While, in some cases, this could help decrease the purchase price of each bag, there are many more benefits to sourcing your bag from close to home.

Here at Conitex Sonoco’s Flexible Products Division, BulkSak, our manufacturing facilities in the United States allow us to minimize lead times, improve supply chain management and reduce costs for our US-based clients. When manufacturing is closer to the users, everyone benefits, even the environment!

Delivery Schedules You Can Rely On

SonocoWhen you remove the various risks and delays associated with overseas sourcing , you can trust that your order will arrive on time. You don’t have to worry about things like customs or longer shipping distances slowing down your delivery. If there is an unexpected shipping delay, you don’t have to make an international long-distance call for support. The added benefit of reliable, closeby deliveries: pricing. You aren’t paying those high shipping costs you would when you are importing a product from overseas - and you're doing your part to help reduce CO2 emissions.

When there is a breakdown in communication or delivery schedules and your FIBCs don’t get where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, your facility and manufacturing suffer. DOWNTIME is no small matter for a manufacturer and your bulk containers should NEVER negatively impact your processes.

Better Flow of Information

Communication is key when you are ordering any packaging product for your company, especially if you are ordering custom FIBCs. When you work with a domestic manufacturer, you can rest assured that you aren’t far removed from your vendor’s timezone and language. Having the ability to call or email your representative during your own business hours provides an invaluable customer service experience that fits your busy schedule and  fosters fewer communication issues or lags between problem and resolution.

Product Quality Assurance

FIBC Manufacturing, US FIBC manufacturersWhen you work with a domestic FIBC manufacturer, your bulk bags are monitored for top quality assurance from design to delivery. Quality control is best done in person, and when you source your bags from overseas, how can you be sure it was created, stored and transported properly? Domestic FIBC manufacturers can ensure zero process handoffs, making sure the bag goes straight from their hands to yours. Having one point of contact prevents errors and delays because one entity is responsible for the entire process from spec to delivery. This helps manage the risk for you as the customer until the products arrive at your facility.

Domestic manufacturing also makes the PPAP (production part approval process) faster and simpler. It’s easier to get a sample from the production line sent to you prior to shipment when you are in the same country. This helps prevent costly delays and keeps your production running. Once the order is approved and shipped, domestic manufacturers can schedule an on-site inspection to verify your bulk bags are working the way they should be.

→ Learn more about the importance of quality control in FIBC manufacturing here.

Consider U.S. Based FIBC Manufacturing

The United States has set stricter requirements for manufacturing and labor standards. The United States’ Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects employees from being underpaid, ensures standard recordkeeping for employees and regulates child labor. These same standards aren’t guaranteed in overseas facilities the same way it is in the United States. Safe work environments and protected employees lead to better products.

If domestic manufacturing isn’t available to you, bulk bag consultants can help bridge some of these gaps in finding the right bag for the right cost for your facility. Learn more about FIBC purchasing consultants here.

Packaging doesn't have to be your facility’s necessary nuisance. Having a great relationship with your manufacturer helps keep your plant running smoothly. If you have questions about domestic manufacturing or bulk bags in general, let us know! We are happy to help.

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team