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Have You Discovered This New Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternative to Wooden Pallets?

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on March 29,2022

Pallets are integral parts of the shipping and storing process across a huge range of industries. While it’s tempting to overlook pallets or write them off as a standard commodity, pallets are incredibly versatile and even come in eco-friendly options.

Whenever an industry—food and beverage suppliers, art galleries, schools, medical equipment companies, car factories, and so on—needs to handle a large number of goods, their warehouses are chock-full of pallets. Pallets make it easier to transport items from one place to another. They make large, unwieldy items more mobile and keep products and goods safe in volatile warehouse environments. 

If you ever happen to visit a warehouse, you’ll notice that the majority of pallets are made of plastic or wood. Unfortunately, although both of these materials have their benefits, neither is great in terms of their environmental impact. 

For example, consider these stats

  • Plastic pallets are largely derived from natural gas or petroleum products, which increases their carbon footprint. 

  • Wooden pallets are often treated with methyl bromide—a chemical that has been linked to depletion of the ozone layer—to keep pests at bay. 

  • Meeting the vast demand for wooden pallets has led to deforestation in many areas. 

Wooden and plastic pallets are the most common pallet types, so it can seem that companies need to make a tough choice about their values when they’re investing in shipping and storing logistics. 

Fortunately, there’s a new pallet in town, one that offers much of the same practicality as a plastic or wood pallet but with a much more eco-friendly packaging solution. 

Corrugated Paper Pallets: An Eco-Friendly, Efficient, Ergonomic Alternative

Enter corrugated paper pallets. 

The name may sound odd—using cardboard to move heavy objects?—but corrugated pallets have been precisely engineered to be strong, lightweight, and completely biodegradable. In fact, corrugated cardboard pallets come with six specific benefits: 

  1. They’re 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. Once you’re done using a corrugated pallet, you don’t need to feel guilty about tossing them in with your other cardboard recyclables or wonder if the materials are actually being reused effectively. 

  2. They’re light. This makes them easier to manipulate and increases the safety of your warehouse.

  3. They’re ergonomic. Your warehouse staff will thank you for choosing a pallet alternative that doesn’t cause stress and strain! 

  4. They’re safe. Wooden pallets, for example, can have sharp corners, splinters, nails, and rigid edges that can cause serious injury. Corrugated pallets simply don’t have the same risk. 

  5. They’re export-friendly. LoadRunner corrugated pallets are free of contaminants and don’t require costly heat treatment. 

  6. They’re hygienic. These corrugated pallets are engineered in such a way that they’re completely well-suited for cleanroom environments. They won’t need to be treated for fungi, mold, or insect transfer, either! 

If you’re currently using wood pallets in your warehouse, now may be a great time to consider how wood pallets stack up to corrugated ones. In terms of sustainability, the result is clear: Corrugated pallets are simply the most eco-friendly packaging option. They’re made of up to 90 percent recycled material; they’re easier to recycle; and, because they’re lighter, even the fuel consumption of transporting them is much less.

That sounds like a win to us. 

Customizing Your Corrugated Pallets

When it comes time to order your corrugated pallets, you should know that you can customize them for your specific needs. For example, if you tell your sustainable packaging specialist about your intended pallet application, your required dimensions, and even your preferred durability levels, you’ll receive a pallet design that will work flawlessly in your real-world environment. 

Interested in taking advantage of the inherent benefits of corrugated pallets, such as consistent tare weights, along with some undeniably helpful extra perks, such as RFID tracking? 

At Conitex Sonoco, we make the adoption of new pallet tech easy. In addition to having access to our highly experienced engineering staff to give you custom design options, you’ll be able to choose from the handy designs we offer. These include low-profile pallets, lightweight pallets, medium options, or even highly durable heavy-duty constructions that can support up to 10,000 pounds! 

You can opt for custom sizes to fit with your storage and machinery or choose standard U.S. or European pallet sizes. The corrugated pallets we sell at Conitex Sonoco come with a corrugated top sheet that eliminates the need for extra slip sheets. We can also customize these as boxes or trays, whichever would be best for your processes. 

Conitex Sonoco Is Ready to Help You Switch to Corrugated Seamlessly

We firmly believe that eco-friendly packaging and shipping alternatives shouldn’t require you to settle for a less practical, lower-performing solution. That’s why we’re proud to offer corrugated pallets that go the distance. If you’re ready to consider corrugated pallets, the experienced team at Conitex Sonoco is ready to help. Take the application assessment for our corrugated pallets today to learn which pallet type is right for you!

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team