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LoadRunner®: Can I Use Corrugated Pallets for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on February 20,2020

Pharmaceutical products undergo a higher level of scrutiny and regulation than most other consumer products. The pharmaceutical industry has many hurdles to overcome throughout the product life cycle, beginning in research and development, continuing through clinical trials, and extending into manufacturing, storage, and shipping processes.

If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, you know that packing, storing, and transporting your products is an important consideration. All aspects of your pharmaceutical product packaging must be up to standard in order to keep your products safe from contamination as well as secure during transport.

Conitex Sonoco’s LoadRunner® corrugated pallets for pharmaceutical products are the ideal shipping and storage solution for pharmaceutical brands that focus on safety and sustainability. The corrugated LoadRunner® pallets offer significant advantages over traditional wood pallets. In this post, we will highlight six of the advantages LoadRunner® corrugated pallets provide over wooden and plastic pallet alternatives.

Protects From Contaminants

When you choose LoadRunner® corrugated pallets for pharmaceutical products, you’re choosing a hygienically produced pallet that’s free from contaminants. Wood pallets come with all sorts of potential contaminants or hazards. They can develop mold or harbor insects. They easily splinter, damaging products and personnel. They also contain nails, which can both rust and become a sharp hazard.

Corrugated pallets are guaranteed to be free from all these issues. They arrive mold and insect free to your clean environment.. They can’t splinter and don’t require nails to hold them together.

In the highly controlled environment of pharmaceutical production, you need pallets that are contaminant free. LoadRunner® Pallets for pharmaceutical products fit the bill.

Corrugated Pallets Are Highly Customizable

Because of the innovative way our pallets are produced, they can be formed easily to any size. Wooden pallets can be made or ordered in multiple sizes too, but both customization and heat treatment raises the cost beyond the benefits gained.. Essentially, the standard sizes are what you’ve got.

With LoadRunner® pallets, you can maximize your trucks’ load quantity by creating pallets that are perfectly sized both for your products and for your trucks’ available space. Check out our wide range of available sizes in both LoadRunner pallets and standard yarn paper pallets.

Not seeing the size you need? That’s OK, because we offer custom sizes as well as die cutting to perfectly meet your specifications and customization needs.

No More Heat-Treated Pallets

LoadRunner® pallets for pharmaceutical products are ISPM-15 and OSHA Compliant. This means that you’ll finally be able to stop paying extra for heat-treated or fumigated pallets once you switch to LoadRunner®.

With wooden pallets, you’re stuck with these costly and time-consuming processes to ensure your pallets aren’t carrying any unwanted visitors on their export journey (and to comply with certain shipping and export regulations). Simply by switching to corrugated pallets, you can avoid all this hassle and added cost.

Corrugated Pallets Are Ideal for Export

We already mentioned how LoadRunner® pallets are ISPM-15 and OSHA compliant, which makes them great candidates for export applications. Many of the other benefits of corrugated pallets also make them an ideal export platform.

For one, corrugated pallets are exceptionally lightweight. They average 10 to 14 pounds in weight. That’s a significant reduction from wood pallets, which weigh anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds. Compound this weight savings to an entire container, and you’ll save 600 pounds on average. This reduction in weight reduces shipping costs.

Corrugated pallets are also moisture resistant. Most containerized shipping spends some part of the shipping journey on a boat in a high humidity environment. Wooden pallets can soak up that moisture, which can cause problems with mold growth.

As we mentioned, when you choose LoadRunner® corrugated pallets, you have access to custom design options as well. Whether you’re trying to maximize truckload space, container space, or both, you can get the custom sizing you need.

Corrugated Pallets Are Surprisingly Lightweight

Our corrugated pallets are surprisingly lightweight, saving 20 to 40 pounds per pallet. This weight savings saves you money on shipping as noted above, but there are plenty of other benefits associated with this lightweight material.

First, a wider range of employees can manipulate a 10-pound pallet than can manipulate a 50-pound one. You’ll spend less time waiting on someone who’s able to move pallets around by switching to corrugated pallets.

Second, don’t forget that those employees who can handle heavier pallets are still at risk of strain or injury. Work-related injuries can put a serious dent on your bottom line. Strain and wear and tear on employees’ backs, joints and hands can have a draining effect on both productivity and morale, even if the strain doesn’t rise to the level of an injury.

Reducing overall stress and strain on your workforce is always a good idea. Switching to LoadRunner pallets is one way to do just that.

Our LoadRunner® pallets can be safely stacked, in part due to their design and also due to their lighter weight. No more risk associated with a tall, wobbly stack of heavy pallets.

Another unexpected benefit both of the weight and composition of our corrugated pallets is the noise factor. When you drop a wood pallet onto a concrete floor, the noise level can be shockingly intense. You won’t have the same experience with corrugated pallets— they’re much quieter. Switching to a better type of pallet is one easy way to help protect your employees’ hearing.

Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable

We have one last area we’re proud to highlight: LoadRunner® pallets are environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced. Our corrugated pallets are made from 75% to 90% recycled material. Paper waste that would have otherwise gone to a landfill is instead transformed into a useful commercial product.

Not only are our corrugated pallets made from a high percentage of recycled material, they are also completely recyclable themselves. Our pallets are biodegradable as well.

How else can switching from wooden to corrugated pallets help the planet? All that reduction in shipping weight equals a reduction in fuel burned in the shipping process. Fewer carbon emissions are created in the shipping process, and we use less fossil fuel.

We’re also saving trees, in a way. Since most of our raw materials are sourced from recyclables, our need for fresh timber is comparatively quite low. Our corrugated pallets are made from materials certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative as well, ensuring that timber harvests are conducted in a safe, sustainable manner.

Lastly, because every corrugated pallet purchase results in one fewer wooden or plastic pallet, we’re helping our industry reduce the need for environmentally unfriendly processes like heat treatment, fumigation and even the plastic manufacturing process.

LoadRunner® Corrugated Pallets for Pharmaceutical Products: A Big Step Forward

You’ve seen the evidence, and it’s clear: LoadRunner® corrugated pallets for pharmaceutical products are hygienic, customizable, export-friendly, lightweight and environmentally conscious. These corrugated pallets are the ideal choice for your shipping and storage needs. In every area of the pharmaceutical industry, our pallets are a big step forward.

Interested in learning more? Check out our latest brochure. If you’re looking for even more information about whether our paper pallets would work in your application, download our eBook, Everything You Need to Know About Paper Pallets.

If LoadRunner® corrugated pallets sound like the ideal solution to your shipping and storage needs, get started today with our custom pallet application form or contact our nearest Sales and Services center.

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team