LoadRunner Corrugated Paper Shipping Pallets: What You Need to Know

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on June 27,2019

Whether you’re in the textile, rubber, automotive or medical industry, exporting and storing your products is an ongoing, yet essential need. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right shipping pallets to ensure the quality of your product is maintained in transit, as well as in storage. There are multiple types of shipping pallets to choose from, including:

In this article, we’ll go through some of the common inquiries we’ve received from our LoadRunner clients over the years to answer some questions you may have about using corrugated paper pallets. We’ll also hopefully make your choice a little bit easier.


1. How do corrugated paper pallets handle moisture?

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Our LoadRunner corrugated paper pallets were originally designed for the textile industry for export. During the shipping process, the pallets needed to be able to withstand the humid conditions in shipping containers, especially for shipments going through Central and South America.

Since inception, our corrugated paper pallets have never had a failure related to moisture in export. This is even true in textiles when steam is applied during the conditioning process. After the corrugated paper pallets dry from the steam, they can still be used and simply will not fail, which gives our clients the peace of mind they need for ensuring a quality end product. The key is in our patented core support system that prevents our pallets from collapsing.

However, one thing to keep in mind with corrugated paper pallets is that they shouldn’t be stored outdoors or left in standing water.


2. Are LoadRunner corrugated paper shipping pallets rackable?

This question refers to the rackability of the pallets, which essentially questions whether or not a pallet can be stored on a rack with open bottom shelving. Unfortunately, our LoadRunner paper shipping pallets are not made for that. They are, however, rackable on a supported racking system. Alternatively, you can use a wooden pallet to support the corrugated pallets on open racking during warehousing or storage.


3. Can the pallets be stretch-filmed or banded?

Yes, our corrugated paper shipping pallets can be stretch-filmed or banded. If you’re in the medical industry, stretch-film is a great option to maintain sterility.


4. How much do LoadRunner corrugated paper shipping pallets weigh?

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The weight really depends on how heavy duty the corrugated paper pallet is. Our 48 x 40 LoadRunner pallet weighs between 10 to 15 pounds. Wood pallets, on the other hand, typically weigh between 45 and 50 pounds, so they are much heavier.


5. How much weight can they support?

When it comes to how much weight the pallets can support, it again depends on the pallet type. A heavy duty paper shipping pallet is rated for 4,000 pounds, whereas a standard duty pallet is rated for 2,500 pounds. The load capacity may vary widely based on load distribution and dynamics.


6. Are LoadRunner pallets compatible with conveyor lines?

The compatibility of our corrugated pallets with conveyor lines is dependent upon the individual conveyor. If it is a newer style line, the answer is yes, our LoadRunner pallets will work great. However, if you have an older style line that is built with large gaps and multiple changeovers, there can be issues with compatibility. A wood pallet or a simple piece of plywood will typically allow the LoadRunner to work on these older style conveyors without issue.


7. What differentiates LoadRunner corrugated paper shipping pallets from the competition?

As we mentioned previously, the main feature that allows our paper pallets to stand out above the competition is our patented core technology, which provides an extraordinary level of support to avoid collapse.

Our competitors, on the other hand, typically use laminated corrugated sheets and apply them together. The problem with this method occurs with moisture, which causes the pallet to delaminate and lose its structure.


8. What is the average lead time?

LoadRunner corrugated shipping pallets - worker in warehouse

Lead-times for standard pallets are 2 weeks or less, while custom pallet sizes require a 3 week lead time. Inventory management programs are available so that you can receive your pallet shipments on a just in time basis.


9. Do corrugated paper shipping pallets use nails and staples?

No, the great thing about corrugated paper shipping pallets is that they are free of nails and staples, unlike wood pallets. This is especially important in the rubber industry. If nail pops or splinters were to occur and puncture the rubber products, such as tires, the value of that product would be seriously compromised.


10. How much do LoadRunner paper pallets cost?

The cost of our corrugated paper shipping pallets is comparable to heat treated wood pallets. They are certainly more expensive over standard sized or used wood pallets, but for companies that need to ensure the quality of the end product is not compromised by snags and punctures, corrugated paper shipping pallets are the best choice.

In a total cost comparison, there are many benefits to a corrugated pallet when compared to wood pallets, such as a reduction in the total shipping weight. (A cargo container’s shipping weight can be reduced by up to 600 lbs by switching to corrugated.) Also, the reduction or elimination of costs related to worker’s comp claims as a result of injury from handling wood pallets is another cost consideration.

Finally, the price of hauling away used wood pallets can be another huge benefit to you or your customer since the LoadRunner pallets can be baled and recycled with your regular cardboard items. Some recyclers will even pay for your recyclable corrugated pallets.


11. What is LoadRunner’s maximum size capability?

For automated assembly, the maximum width and length is 60 inches. Hand-assembled pallets can be manufactured to larger sizes, but this does impact the price of the pallet.


Have additional questions about our corrugated paper shipping pallets? Ready to become a LoadRunner customer? Contact us anytime.

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