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6 Ways Corrugated Pallets Makes Your Warehouse Job Easier

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on June 30,2020

Across every industry, one thing is true in all warehouses: product needs to move as quickly, efficiently, and...

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Custom Packaging and Storage Solutions for Resin Materials

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on April 07,2020

The manufacturing of products sometimes require resin for a number of purposes. It can be used in the construc...

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Aggregate FIBC Bulk Bags for the Construction Industry

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on March 26,2020

Construction and mining operations rely on aggregate products for their various projects. From laying down new...

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BulkSak® Hemp Bags: The Best Bulk Packaging Solutions for Hemp Farmers and Processors

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on February 25,2020

Growing and processing hemp is an involved process from start to finish. Both operations can be impacted by se...

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LoadRunner®: Can I Use Corrugated Pallets for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on February 20,2020

Pharmaceutical products undergo a higher level of scrutiny and regulation than most other consumer products. T...

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Hemp Packaging and Storage Solutions

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on January 20,2020

As the demand for hemp and hemp derived products continues to ramp up following the passing of the 2018 Farm B...

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6 Steps for the Successful Adoption of Corrugated Pallets

Posted by Austin Duncan on October 25,2019

So you’re considering a switch from wood pallets to corrugated pallets and you don’t know where to begin? We’v...

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The Hidden Cost of Wood Pallets

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on October 17,2019

While wood pallets might be the standard for a number of industries, there are some companies that are rethink...

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Paper Vs. Woven Polypropylene Valve Bags

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on September 24,2019

Traditionally, paper bags have been the industry standard for valve bags. Because paper valve bags are made wi...

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