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3 Reasons You Need Quality Control in Your FIBC Manufacturing

Posted by Dick Stimart on June 12,2018

Any manufacturer using bulk bags is likely using bags that were made overseas. The vast majority of bulk bags ...

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UN Certified Bulk Bags and Transporting Dangerous Goods

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 25,2018

Are you transporting Dangerous Goods? According to the United Nations, Dangerous Goods (or hazardous materials...

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Options to Customize your FIBC Bulk Bag

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 24,2018

Everyone knows FIBC bulk bags are flexible, it’s in their name. How customizable are FIBCs? The short answer, ...

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Material Comparison: Wood Pallets vs Corrugated Paper Pallets

Posted by Conitex Sonoco Team on May 03,2018

Engineers are always looking for a better, faster, cheaper way to execute their processes. That’s what they do...

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How to Choose the Right Type of FIBC Fabric

Posted by Chris Wheeler on May 02,2018

Choosing the right type of FIBC fabric is the difference between success and failure in your manufacturing pro...

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