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Paper Cone Manufacturing: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on April 25,2023

Paper cones are a must-have storage and transit solution in many industries, from paper manufacturing to food packaging and construction formwork. However, that versatility can be a double-edged sword, because a paper cone made for one industry may not be the correct type of cone for use in another.

For example, let’s look at paper cones in textiles. How are textile industry paper cones different from those in other industries? Why is it critical to ensure that your company’s paper cones are custom-made for your textile, business goals, and manufacturing logistics? 

Let’s look behind the curtain of the textile industry to learn about purpose-made paper cones.

How Are Paper Cones Purpose-Made for the Textile Industry? 

In the textile industry, paper cones hold and transport threads and yarns. 

Take a moment to think about the various fabrics lining your life, from performance textiles to sturdy denim to lightweight, floaty gauze. Each of these textiles is made from different weights of threads and yarns. 

The paper cones used to support yarns and threads through transit and textile production matter. To give one example, putting a large, heavy-duty paper cone through a weaving machine built for lace-making won’t work well.

Here are a few specific ways paper cones for textiles differ from those in other industries: 

1. Shape and Size 

Paper cones made for the textile industry come in shapes tailor-made to the textiles they will help create. The paper cones will be short, wide, tall, or narrow depending on the nature of the textile it supports and the machinery they interact with. 

2. Material

Typical textile industry paper cones are made of kraft paperboard. You can find paper cones, however, that are made with a specific finishing process to create a uniquely soft, plush surface to protect yarn quality. It all depends on which paper cone manufacturer you select and its familiarity with the needs of the textile industry.

3. Durability

Paper cones made for textile manufacture need to be hardier than, for instance, paper cones made to hold cotton candy at concession stands. Look for paper cones with several layers of high-quality paperboard to ensure your cones won’t collapse or break during the textile creation process.

4. Environmental Impact

Often, paper cones made for textiles are made to be eco-friendly. This supports the sustainability of the entire textile industry—which is an incredibly relevant consideration right now.


Building Your Ideal Customized Paper Cone Solution: Factors Fabrics Companies Should Consider

We’ve tackled the topic of how textile cones differ from those made for other industries. However, we can zoom in even further than that. Just as paper cones are hardly a one-size-fits-all between industries, cones made for your competitors may not constitute a seamless fit for yours. 

When selecting appropriate paper cones for your business, think about the following factors: 

Whether You Need Nested Cones

After your yarn is wound onto paper cones, the resulting tubes must be stored, separated, and shipped properly. If your cones nest or sit together incorrectly, your yarn will be under a lot of friction. This can make separating cones difficult, and can even damage your product. Anti-nesting cones reduce friction, protect the yarn, and make everyone’s job a lot easier. 

What Your Winding Machines Need

Today’s spinning and winding processes are done at an industrial scale. Every paper cone your winding machines encounter must be identical to the next and optimized for your specific machines. If not, your machines could glitch, stall, or exhibit reduced yarn-winding performance. Today’s forward-thinking paper cone manufacturers engineer cones precisely to ease wear on rotor spinning applications and increase winding performance. 

What Your Business Needs

Consider any relevant labeling or printing requirements that would make your cones easier for your employees and customers to handle—and whether the cost structure of the cones you want work well with your budget. 

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when finding the right paper cone. Why go to all this trouble? 

The right paper cones for your textile company can connect you with improved productivity, enhanced product safety, long-term cost savings, environmental benefits, and—most importantly!—customer satisfaction. 

Ready to Select a Paper Cone Manufacturer Custom-Fit for Your Textile Company? 

When you’re shopping around for a paper cone supplier familiar with the unique needs of the textile industry, look for telltale signs the supplier knows what they’re doing:

  • Clear, always-implemented quality control testing
  • A range of customizable solutions that make sense for your industry
  • Years of expertise and experience in paper cone manufacturing
  • An ability to answer your question and anticipate your needs

Sonoco, a leading manufacturer in the paper cone and tube industry for over 35 years, is ready to help you achieve the made-for-you paper cone solutions your business deserves. 

Learn more about our paper yarn cones. If you want to discover how we can serve you or obtain details about our pricing, reach out today.

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team