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ProvisionGARD ™️️: Safe Insect-Resistant Packaging For Your FIBC and Woven PP Bags

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on March 30,2021

Imagine this: You’ve invested significant time and resources into growing or producing a valuable, useful, and highly sought-after product. You’ve optimized your supply chain, you’ve sourced the best possible materials for your product lines, and you’ve created trusting relationships with your clients. 

Then you find, to your dismay, that your invaluable product—and your client's trust!—is contaminated when some pesky insects are chowing down on the fruits of your labor before it reaches your customer. Your product is ruined. You’re out an investment. Your reputation might have taken a hit as well. 

It’s time to make sure that this never happens to you. Insect-resistant packaging is an easy, effective insurance policy to avoid future frustration. If you choose to invest in high-quality insect-resistant packaging, you’ll enjoy infestation prevention benefits while avoiding the high cost and toxic side effects of common insecticides and fumigants. 

Studies show that some products, such as rice and grain, can be infected by insects even after packaging; for example, infestation can occur during processing activities such as transportation, distribution, and storage. In these cases, insecticides and fumigants might not even come close to solving your problem.

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Safe, nontoxic insect-resistant packaging is a critical step to preserving food and product quality across a wide variety of industries. When you’re sourcing the woven polypropylene bags and FIBC bulk sacks that will support your business, go the extra mile and seek out packaging that supports complete protection for your products. 

ProvisionGARD™ is a nontoxic, innovative insect-resistant technology that is completely compatible with sustainable packaging solutions. With ProvisionGARD™, you can enjoy the many benefits that strong, durable FIBC and woven PP bags offer combined with a smart solution to combat infestation. 

What are woven PP bags and FIBC bags? 

These sustainable, smart packaging options can work easily with ProvisionGARD™ to give your product the certain security it requires. Here’s how: 

insect-resistant bulk bags using ProvisionGARD technologyFIBC Bags are versatile bulk bags that can be meticulously made to meet a variety of practical applications. Available in several functional fabrics, these bulk bags are manufactured to meet standard 5:1 safety guidelines as well as, when applicable, FDA and food-grade requirements. They’re light, but they’re strong, and we can custom-engineer or incorporate food-grade additives, such as ProvisionGARD™, to ensure that your bulk bag does everything you need it to do—and more. 

Woven PP bags are a specific type of durable, water-resistant, protective packaging that can be laminated with a polypropylene coating. These types of bags are customizable depending on their end use; we have worked to make them available in flat-form, tucked-bottom, and gusseted models. These woven bags are a key packaging pillar for salt, flour, beans, rice, coal, sand, pet food, and powdered chemicals.

Insect-resistant Woven PP BagWoven PP bags are made by synthesizing long threads of polypropylene and weaving them in opposite directions. The result is a lightweight material that’s strong, water-resistant, and geared to last for many uses. This multipurpose fabric can also constitute a blank canvas for the technology of your choice. We can make these hardworking bags UV-resistant or even pest-resistant with key solutions such as ProvisionGARD™.

ProvisionGARD™ works hard for pest-resistant product safety.

ProvisionGARD™ is an additive that incorporates an insect-growth-regulator ingredient. It’s food-grade and  completely nontoxic, making it safe for food use and use around children and pets. 

The technology works by preventing any insects invading your product supply from evolving through the stages of their lifecycle. As a result, they don’t reproduce, which stunts their population growth, reduces their numbers, and controls insect infestations for up to two years. 

Since it’s a food-grade polymer additive, ProvisionGARD™ is natural to use with FIBCs and woven PP bags. The pellets are simply added to the resin, polypropylene, or other base material that is used to create the strands of the finished bulk bag. The result is a bag that has insect resistance infused into every square inch, not just sitting on parts of its surface. 

Trust Conitex Sonoco for further solutions for product integrity.

Especially as we move into the warmer months, it’s key to make sure that we take all possible precautions to protect our products from pest infestations. Previously, the only options available were toxic, incomplete, or subpar. Now, with FIBC and woven PP bags treated with safe ProvisionGARD™ technology, you can enjoy a sustainable solution that will work around the clock to keep your inventory safe. 

This is just one of the ways that Conitex Sonoco is a key resource for smart packaging products. We’re always monitoring the latest innovations in the product safety industry and working tirelessly to make them solutions your business can seamlessly use! Call our team for more information about ProvisionGARD™ or our versatile packaging products.


Download the ProvisionGARDTM Case Study

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team