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Custom Resin Packaging and Storage Solutions

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on April 07,2020

The manufacturing of products sometimes require resin for a number of purposes. It can be used in the construction of a range of products including automobiles, bicycles, cutlery, jewelry and aircraft. Resin can also be used to create molds as well as component prototypes to determine their feasibility. Handling and shipping resin is a challenge, especially when transporting products overseas, as the resin has to reach the destination in the safest and most efficient manner within resin bulk bags. Some common questions and specifications that we hear from our customers are:

  • Which size bags will fit my container?
  • Which bags will help eliminate bulging?
  • How can I maximize my resin product in bulk bags?

resin packaging, packaging resinsAt Conitex Sonoco, we are keenly aware of the needs of our customers who are looking for the appropriate resin bulk bags and barrier bags for resin products and we have fully customizable FIBC bulk bags, baffle bags and pallets for your specific handling and shipping operations. Conitex Sonoco BulkSak® bags are made with sturdy materials and coated fabrics that will hold their shape when filled with product, making it easier to fit more product into boxy shipping containers. These bags come in increasing fabric weight to eliminate bulging as well as liners that will offer moisture protection. Whether you are shipping easy resins or engineered resins, we have the bags that will work for you.

Packaging Different Types of Manufactured Resin

Plastic PET & PP Resins

Plastic resins such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) are widely used as two of the most common resins in product manufacturing. These resins are strong, stiff and resistant to moisture. PE and PP resins also offer impact resistance in applications and higher temperature capabilities. As a customer seeking to ship these plastic resins between operations, a common concern about shipping polyethylene and polypropylene involves dealing with bulging bags as they are filled using automatic operations. Without added design structure, the standard bulk bag takes on a cylindrical shape when filled.

In addition to bulging bags testing the limits of the desired packaging to the point of breakage and spillage, a bulging bulk bag can be difficult to fit into shipping containers. The extra force that is often used when filling shipping containers to capacity can put undue strain and stress onto the bag. Also, bulging bulk bags leave empty pockets between the bags inside shipping containers of different sizes. This problem leads to an inefficient supply chain as more containers will need to be shipped to supply the right amount of resin. If the bulk bags can fully fit into the rectangular container, manufacturers gain the ability to fit more resin product into fewer shipping containers. 

Engineered Resins

Engineered resins are materials that have additives to provide certain specific properties. These additives may consist of minerals, glass, and talc. Types of engineered resins include liquid crystal polymer, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polyether imide (PEI) among many others.

A shipping problem that you may experience is trying to keep certain resins dry within shipping containers, especially for containers that will be exported overseas. Moisture can impact the processing operations for these resins. When moisture is present in the resin, or unexpected humidity is present, the resin can experience problems when it cures. It may look cloudy, have wet stains if objects are embedded in the resin, and does not fully cure. 

Packaging Considerations When Shipping Resin Products

If you are shipping various types of resin products to customers or manufacturing operations, you want to select the appropriate resin bulk bags and pallet materials to suit your operations. Here are some solutions to help businesses combat various issues that come with packaging different types of resin. 

If Shipping Standard Resins:

With PET or PP resin, manufacturers will likely need a sturdy liner secured in the bag. These bags work well with both polyethylene and polypropylene. The type of liner material in the bag is largely determined by the type of resin that you are handling, as we will customize the bag to your specifications.

Bulging Bulk Bags

resin packaging, packaging resins in baffled bulk bag linersStandard bulk bags with flexible material bulge in the shape of a cylinder when filled with product. When customers are trying to fit bags into a rectangular shipping container there ends up being a lot of wasted space that could be used to fit more products. Baffled bulk bag liners allow bags to hold a rectangular shape which creates the opportunity for more resin product to fit into rectangular shipping containers. 

Baffled Bulk Bag Liner

  • Provides structural support allowing bag to maintain square shape when full
  • Prevents deformation of bulk bag and product pushing outward
  • Fits more product per square foot of storage
  • Shape allows for more stable stacking and reuse
  • Prevents Contamination
  • Reduces product catching during filling process
  • Protects product during filling, transport and warehousing

If Shipping Engineered Resins:

We offer barrier bag materials with aluminum liners and nitrogen flush capabilities to protect engineered resins from moisture and other harmful contaminants. Aluminum liners provide the appropriate moisture barriers and also helps bags to hold their shape when full of product. We have bags that come in a range of sizes, even smaller bags that hold 25kgs of product.

While some of the bulk bag customization options for engineered resins are more expensive than other standard options, there are also cost-saving benefits to consider. 

Aluminum Liners for Moisture Protection

resin packaging, barrier bags, packaging resinsWhen dealing with moisture that can be present in engineered resins, consider BulkSak® 25kg barrier bags with various film options including aluminum. Aluminum offers an additional moisture and UV barrier and they are more suitable than using PE film. These barrier bags can be heat sealed to protect your resin products once your bags are full. Additionally, aluminum lined bulk bags hold their shape and allow customers to fit more of the resin products into one shipping container.

  • Provides a moisture and oxygen barrier to protect product from contamination
  • Protects product from UV light
  • Improves filling & discharge
  • Laminated aluminum film liners provide superior moisture barrier and UV protection
  • Custom form shaped to bulk bag

Nitrogen Flush and Vacuum Seal Capabilities

Oxygen is undesirable as it is harmful to your resin products. The oxygen can inhibit polymerization as it prevents the resin from curing properly. To reduce the amount of oxygen while shipping resin, consider using aluminum lined resin bulk bags that are designed to allow you to suck out the oxygen and replace it with nitrogen to keep products fresh and protected in long term packaging. 

Similarly, our 25kg Barrier Bags offer a variety of film materials and the added benefit of a one-way degassing valve to allow oxygen and gasses to escape the bag while preventing oxygen and moisture from entering.

  • Heat-sealed closure
  • Pre-cut product can have a degassing valve
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Perforation options
  • Various film materials:
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Metallized PET
    • HDPE
    • PA
    • EVOH

FirmaLoad® Pallets for Stable Stacking

Resin products can shift and move while being transported across the country or when exported overseas. To provide better stacking capabilities and to provide a more stable load, FirmaLoad® pallets from Conitex Sonoco can help you successfully transport the resin product without worrying about damage or breakage. These pallets are suitable for bulk bag transportation and for engineered resin bags.

In addition, if you are using open racking systems for resin bags, we also offer plastic bulk bag pallets for open racking systems that have certain weight tolerances.

Consider Conitex Sonoco for Your Resin Packaging Needs

When you are looking for shipping and handling solutions for your resin products, Conitex Sonoco has fully customizable solutions to accommodate your specific needs. We work with you to understand your product, your timeframe for storage, and your manufacturing process in order to help you find the FIBC BulkSak® bags to fulfill your needs.  Contact our representatives today to learn about our customization options.


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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team