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The Myth of the Standard Food-Grade FIBC Bulk Bag

Posted by Chris Wheeler on February 04,2020


We receive a lot of requests all the time for a food-grade bulk bag. The customer will provide the bag size and features needed, and will ask for a food grade.

To set the record straight, there is no standard for a food-grade bulk bag. That is to say, there is no universal specification to which a food grade bulk bag needs to be manufactured.

The FDA only has regulations in place for the material used in a bulk bag intended to come in contact with food. This basically only requires the bag to be made from 100% virgin material. So no recycled material can be mixed into the resin when used to manufacture the bag. The vast majority of bulk bags typically fit this requirement.

Your bulk bag manufacturer should be able to provide documents detailing the process and the cleanliness of manufacturing and how they maintain that clean environment. However, if your plant, or your customer, adheres to a specific food safety standard, then you may need a bag from a manufacturer who goes through an annual third party quality audit for one of those standards.

It's helpful to know what your plant, or your customer requires, when requesting a food-grade bulk bag. This will allow your bulk bag supplier to manufacture it in the appropriate plant accredited to those standards when necessary.

If you have other questions about food-grade bulk bags please leave a comment or contact our team. You can also visit our resources page for more information.

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Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler

Material Science Engineer at Conitex Sonoco