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Why Most Bulk Bag Suppliers Can't Get Your Order Right

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on February 01,2023

Not all bulk bags are created equal. 

In fact, for your business to run smoothly, your bulk bags will likely undergo unique handling conditions. With a custom bulk bag design, you’ll find that your processes are more efficient, and your successful throughput rate is higher. 

A quality FIBC bulk bag supplier can provide a bulk bag design that is custom made and carefully catered to your product and process. You might have already realized this. You may, as a result, have put a lot of strategic thought into your FIBC bag design, specifications, and order. 

This only makes it more frustrating when your supplier doesn’t live up to your expectations. 

You might be working with any kind of supplier, from a small local business to a huge corporation, or even purchasing direct from an overseas manufacturer. You might work with them personally, or you might have found them online. It’s hard to tell—when you’re first finding or working with an FIBC supplier—what you should look for and what red flags there may be. However, figuring these issues out up front is key. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment down the road. 

At Conitex Sonoco, we’ve got all of these potential wrinkles ironed out. Let’s talk about the problems you’re having with your current bags and how we handle your FIBC supply to ensure you never have to deal with issues with:

Bulk Bag Quality, Durability, or Longevity

If your FIBC doesn’t do the job it’s meant to do, then it’s time to reconsider your sourcing strategy. Unfortunately, some suppliers don’t play fair or offer you transparent, easy-to-follow quality control processes. For example, we’ve seen small businesses victimized by bait-and-switch practices, where a supplier might present one high-quality bag as a sample, then switch to a much lower-quality fabric for production runs.. 

What is a savvy client to do? First, when you receive a sample bag, you need to inspect it meticulously. If your supplier doesn’t let you do this, walk away. Then, make sure that your potential supplier has rigorous documentation and approval standards in place for every step of their manufacturing line as well as a good relationship with its manufacturers. That kind of responsibility and transparency will yield quality bulk bags made in good faith as well as an easy way to identify issues quickly, should the need arise. 

Inconsistent Sizing or Meeting Quantity Stipulations

When you’re looking for an FIBC bulk bag supplier, you want to ensure that you look for a company that has technical in-house staff. Those experts are going to be the ones that design and specify your bag. They are going to be the ones that sort out issues from the get-go—if there are any. If your supplier doesn’t have these experts in-house, it’s inevitable that something will get lost in translation or that an outsourced manufacturer will misunderstand or misinterpret one of your requests. 

Another way to alleviate this issue is to find a supplier that documents everything and provides you with those specifications or pieces of documentation. That way, it should be clear during every part of your FIBC supply chain what the nature of your order is, who is managing your order, and the precise details regarding your order fulfillment. 

Delivery Time, Production Time, and Available Materials

A good strategy to mitigate shipment delays for your bulk bag order is to find a supplier who has multiple manufacturing locations, including the option of domestic manufacturing. A supplier with this access and these connections will be able to find you the best resource for your order, depending on the specific nature of your needs. A supplier with multiple manufacturing locations can help you navigate delays related to labor shortages from the pandemic, skirt shipping issues, and outthink any instances of source material in low supply. 

During the pandemic, at Conitex Sonoco, we had the option to move all of our business to regions unaffected in order to increase our own security and productivity. However, we continued working with our various overseas suppliers. Our connection and support with our manufacturers during this time cemented our relationship, which gives us confidence that they will provide us priority, quality work when we need it. As a net result, our clients benefit from that same trust too. 

Dream Bulk Bag Supplier 

When it comes to establishing a frustration-free, productive, and practical FIBC bulk bag order, the single best thing you can do is find a supplier that has forward-thinking solutions in place for common bulk bag order issues. Conitex Sonoco is that strategic supplier. We care about your experience, and we truly go the extra mile to check the quality, create good products, meet your order stipulations, and get you your order quickly. 

Interested in finding more ways to make your recurring bulk bag order right every time? Reach out to Conitex Sonoco for more information about our bulk bag manufacturing and supply process today.

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team