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Why the BOPP Bag is the Best Option for Your Animal Feed

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on July 16,2020

Homing in on the right packaging for animal feed can be a challenge. Animal feed needs high-performance packaging that helps ensure the quality and safety of the product—but to ensure you’re not overspending, you also want bags that are cost-efficient.

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) bags are a strong, stable packaging option for animal feed. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons BOPP bags are especially well-suited for the animal feed industry.


Packaging for Animal Feed

As you’ve, no doubt, experienced, packaging is an extremely important element of the animal feed industry. Your company’s products need packaging that can tick several important boxes, including:

  • Strength and durability to protect contents from damage
  • Construction and materials that meet regulatory requirements
  • Cost-efficient design
  • Bold, colorful, and high-quality labels for effective marketing

Basics of BOPP Bags

bopp bag, bopp bags, animal feed bagsBOPP bags are made of an extruded polypropylene film. The film is cut into tape, which is woven into a fabric and laminated with a bonding layer. Then, the fabric is minted with an additional film that includes reverse-printed graphics.

The result is a bag that offers several important benefits for storing and transporting animal feed:

  • Strong: Woven polypropylene is much stronger than other bag options. It’s also puncture- and tear-resistant—which is important throughout every stage of the supply chain. The bags’ strong construction gives them a longer shelf life compared to paper, so animal feed products stay safe over time. 
  • Durable: Because they are plastic-based, BOPP bags also provide the benefit of a water resistant design—key for protecting feed for pets and livestock alike. 
  • Cost-efficient: Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags are cost-efficient in several key ways. First, polypropylene costs less than paper, making the bags more affordable from the start. Also, the strength and durability of Biaxially oriented PP bags help significantly reduce damage claims, saving you money in the long run. Because biaxially oriented polypropylene bags are light and easy to maneuver, they also help lower freight costs and use less warehouse space. 
  • Eco-friendly: these bags are 100 percent recyclable for customers who are concerned about sustainability. 
  • Highly marketable: Printing on polypropylene results in bright, bold graphics that grab the customer’s attention. Compared to labels on paper bags, polypropylene labels are glossier and more vibrant, allowing suppliers to splash colorful images of animals and farm life on their bags. Finally, because biaxially oriented polypropylene bags use reverse-printed graphics—with the graphics actually printed on the inner side of the outer layer of the bag—their labels are incredibly durable and resistant to damage. 
  • Convenient: In the world of packaging, it’s always important to balance strength and durability with convenience for the customer. The strongest bag on earth is going to be deeply unpopular with people if they can’t get it open. BOPP bags are specifically designed to be easy to open, as well as convenient to carry and clean. They include an easy-open pull tab and optional easy-carry handles. Thanks to their woven polypropylene construction, the bags are more rigid than paper bags, so they are easier to move and handle. Finally, the high-gloss packaging is easy to wipe clean. 
  • Versatile: Polypropylene is an extremely versatile material. Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags are available in a variety of configurations, with custom graphics, to fit each company’s specific needs.

Meeting Packaging Regulations

Because animal feed is subject to several packaging regulations, it’s important to choose your bags carefully. BOPP bags meet the following regulations governing animal feed:

TQSA certification 

To comply with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards, packaging for bulk animal food products must meet the Total Quality Systems Audit (TQSA) standard of quality. BOPP bags are stronger and more durable than their paper counterparts, which makes them a reliable option for all types of animal food.

FDA packaging requirements for food

Packaging for animal food must meet the same stringent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) packaging requirements as human food. Biaxially oriented PP bags meet these requirements with:

  • Clear labeling and ingredients lists
  • Print protection so labels do not rub off
  • High tensile strength to prevent punctures and tears
  • Resistance to moisture, oil, and grease, which prevents contamination

Rethink Your Packaging

For animal feed suppliers, packaging is an important part of a successful business. Your bags should be strong and durable enough to protect your product from the time it leaves your facility to the moment your customer opens it. The bags should feature vibrant, bold labeling that attracts customers and makes your product stand out from the competition. 

It’s important that your packaging selections protect your hard work and investment at every stage. Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags are a reliable, cost-efficient way to ensure your products are always able to shine.


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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team