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Wood Prices Are Skyrocketing. Here’s Why Paper Pallets Are the Option for the Future.

Posted by Sonoco Conitex Team on January 14,2021

2020 has had an adverse impact on almost every single global industry. Lumber is no different. The sudden increase in demand for a wide variety of paper products, the necessity of pared-down staff worldwide for safety precautions, and the increased complexity of the forestry and paper product supply chain have all had an extremely dramatic effect: The cost of lumber, a source material for many industries, is rising dramatically. 

From COVID-19 precautions to lumber tariffs resulting in extremely volatile price spikes, one thing is very clear: Any industry that depends upon lumber needs to consider alternative options to avoid paying heightened costs for essential commodities. 

A great example of this is the traditional wooden pallet. Pallets are tools that companies use to manage their inventory. With pallets, businesses can move and store their materials, protect their product from damage, and minimize the risk of injury to their workers. While pallets have been made from wood in the past, today companies have many options to consider, including plastic and paper models. With the skyrocketing cost of wood, these alternate pallet options are becoming increasingly attractive. 

When a company chooses a pallet design, it has the opportunity to make a choice in line with its overall mission and values. However, a pallet also needs to present inherently practical benefits to be a good option. Let’s talk about the reasons that paper pallets present a uniquely sustainable, practical, and affordable choice for the future—especially when compared to the expensive wood products of the past. 


Corrugated Paper Pallets Are an Affordable, Efficient, and Ethical Choice

Wondering why to choose paper pallets? Here are some reasons to opt for this sustainable option: 

The costs associated with wood pallets are skyrocketing

Especially when you compare prices now to those pre-COVID,, it’s clear that wooden pallets are increasingly expensive—and it doesn’t appear that those prices will revert to their previous levels even after the global pandemic comes to a close. 

Wooden pallets require inconvenient disposal procedures and costs. 

If you depend upon wooden pallets for your company’s logistics, you know that those pallets have to go somewhere once you’re done using them; and, in many cases, your disposal solutions will cost you money. You could pay to turn your pallets into mulch, or you could sell them at a steep loss to a bulk buyer who will use them for their own products.

Your wooden pallets will need to be treated.

In order to protect your wood pallets from mold and fungus, you need to pay to have them sprayed with a chemical protectant. More sustainable alternatives, such as corrugated paper pallets, don’t have any similar kind of expensive upkeep. 

Wooden pallets can wreak havoc in your warehouse

The damages and risks associated with wooden pallets are much higher than those associated with corrugated paper pallets. If you’re looking for an option that poses a lower risk to both your product and your staff, paper pallets are certainly the way to go. 

Corrugated paper pallets are more sustainable, which can attract a lot of good business

The fast-growing population of sustainability-focused consumers are very interested in working with companies that choose eco-friendly alternatives at every stage of their supply chain. If you prioritize this type of integrity even down to your logistics and support materials, you’ll find that your audience will be even happier to support your business. 


Conitex Sonoco Is Your Source of Cleverly Designed Corrugated Paper Pallets

If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of paper pallets firsthand, at Conitex Sonoco, we’re proud to offer high-quality pallets for your transportation and storage needs. 

Our corrugated paper pallets are half the cost (even now!) of current wood pallet alternatives, and they bring many practical benefits to the table. They’re heavy-duty, yet lightweight, easy to customize, and our innovative production system guarantees precise dimensional tolerances. Ultimately, they provide lower cost and more benefits than the alternative, which makes them a smart choice for your company’s future. 


Reach out to Conitex Sonoco today for more information about the different ways that paper pallets can support you and your business.

How much can paper pallets save you?

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Sonoco Conitex Team

Sonoco Conitex Team