Video Blog: Wood vs. Corrugated Pallets: Customizability Comparison

Posted by Austin Duncan on June 20,2019

Customization Benefits of a Corrugated Pallet 

We often receive requests for pricing on our “standard size” corrugated pallets. Most wood pallets come in standard sizes, such as the 48 x 40, a size standard set forth by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

The truth of the matter, however, is that corrugated pallets are cut to size by either automated machinery or a manual process, so each production run is completely customizable.

A Custom Sized Pallet Can Reduce Wasted Space 

Let’s take a look at this table of the six pallet dimensions sanctioned by the International Organization for Standardization:

(W x L) in

(W x L) mm

Wasted Floor 
ISO Container

Region most used
40 x 48 1016 x 1219 3.7 % North America
39.37 x 47.24 1000 x 1200 3.1 % Europe, Asia
45.9 x     45.9 1165 x 1165 8.1 % Australia
42 x 42 1067 x 1067 11.5 % North America, Europe, Asia
43.3 x 43.3 1100 x 1100 14 %


31.5 x 47.24 800 x 1200 3.1 % Europe

You can see that each size presents a challenge for wasted space in a standard ISO container.

One major benefit of a corrugated pallet is the ability to create a custom fit corrugated pallet at no added cost when compared to the added cost of a custom-made wood pallet.

A corrugated pallet manufacturer can create extreme custom applications with their die-cutting capability. This is beneficial because a custom pallet could allow for more product per truckload. In turn, requiring fewer shipments while also lowering fuel costs and carbon emissions. It can also reduce the footprint needed in your warehouse or production area for stored or staged inventory.

How Customization Affects Pricing for Corrugated Pallets

The price of a corrugated pallet is affected by the strength required from the design. So the stronger the pallet needs to be, the more materials required. A very lightweight product with even weight distribution might require a lighter duty corrugated board and fewer cores to reinforce the pallet’s runners.

Another customization benefit of a corrugated pallet is the ability to print directly onto the paper board. With this capability, you can customize a corrugated pallet with logos, branding or barcoding relatively easily.

The bottom line is, when considering switching to a corrugated pallet, you have opportunities to customize the design that would be difficult or prohibitive with wood. A pallet design engineer can help create a pallet that is purpose-built for your application.

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