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Wood vs. Corrugated Pallets: Weight Comparison

Posted by Daniel Beighle on February 18,2019

Benefits of a Lightweight Corrugated Pallet when Compared to a Wood Pallet A well-known difference between a c...

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Video Blog: Bulk Bag Buyer, Beware! How to Catch a Cheater

Posted by Chris Wheeler on February 11,2019

Imagine you’ve just awarded a huge contract to your new FIBC supplier. He came in 20% lower than the other guy...

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Video Blog: Common Challenges During Bulk Bag Filling

Posted by Chris Wheeler on February 04,2019

Common Product Dispersion Challenges During Bulk Bag Filling Hi, I’m Chris Wheeler, Sr. Material Science Engin...

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The Necessity for High-Performance Paper Cones and Tubes in Textile Automation

Posted by Rick Carpenter on January 28,2019

Automation Demands Reliable Performance As leading textile mills all over the world compete for higher efficie...

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The Importance of Site Visits to Bulk Bag Design

Posted by Dwayne Ezekiel on January 11,2019

Let Your FIBC Supplier Go for a Test Drive Have you ever tried to describe to a mechanic the funny noises your...

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