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The industrial hemp biomass industry can be anything but predictable at times. You need a hemp storage solution that preserves the integrity of your hemp biomass until processing time is available or market conditions are favorable to maximize your profits.

Herbsak™ is a state-of-the-art lined bulk bag used with specialized nitrogen-flush and vacuum sealing equipment developed to extend the life of harvested hemp biomass by offering:

    • Removal of oxygen from inside the bag

    • Prevention of the ingress of moisture or sunlight

    • Prevention of hemp biomass spontaneous combustion

    • Prevention of mold and mildew growth
    • Up to 35% more CBD oil yield

    • Antistatic film liner to preserve trichomes

    • Easy access design to view oxygen sensor to confirm freshness

    • Large capacity

    • Sealing equipment that will vacuum seal and nitrogen purge up to 2000lbs  (approximately 1 acre) of hemp biomass per hour.

The Herbsak™ bulk bag is a product of Torresak, LLC. All sales and fullfillment managed by Torresak, LLC

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  • Customers who use Herbsak™ are thrilled with their CBD oil yield:

    After 10 months in storage:
  • “Your [Herbsak™] product kept my hemp biomass in excellent condition as I waited for processing. My numbers coming from the processor were some of the highest that they had produced. Going into this harvest, I want all of my biomass stored in your bags. I would tell anyone that is going to produce hemp to use your product to protect the value of their biomass.“
  • Don Zolman, Zolman Farms, Warsaw, IN 7/27/20
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