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Conitex Offers the Best Bulk Bags for Your Hemp Products 


The hemp industry is growing at a rapid pace, and there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. The 2018 Farm Bill, which recategorized hemp as a legal product for plants with less than 0.3% THC, completely changed the game for farmers across the country. As the demand for hemp related products grows, so too does the need for reliable packaging and storage solutions.

The team at Conitex has been providing outstanding FIBC bulk bag packaging across many industries for years. The BulkSak® Hemp Bag is the team's newest product and was developed to specifically solve packaging challenges for farmers and processors in the industrial hemp agricultural industry.

Conitex is one of the few manufacturers of bulk bags in the United States so we understand how material, bag design and manufacturing processes and quality affects the performance of a bulk bag and impacts the product. These bags are tested and proven on a consistent basis. In testing at the University of Minnesota, our BulkSak® custom-designed sealed liner solution has been temperature stabilized for three years running. 

There are numerous benefits of the Conitex BulkSak® Hemp Bag for both growers and processors. 

Why BulkSak® Hemp Bags are the Best Packaging Solution for Hemp Growers

The BulkSak® standard hemp bags provide a breathable packaging solution for hemp harvest and storage. Our uncoated bulk bags are the best choice for seeds or hemp that will be processed for CBD oil extraction.

  • Reduces Mold Growth*
  • Available in a Variety of Lift Loop Styles
  • Available with Open or Duffle Top
  • Available in UV Reisistant Fabric
  • Available in Flat or Spout Bottom
  • Meets FDA Requirements for packaging intended for use in contact with food

    *Does not prevent mold growth, decomposition or combustion. Ask your processor to stabilize your hemp with our lined bag if storing for an extended period of time.

Why BulkSak® Hemp Bags are the Best Packaging Solution for Hemp Processors

The BulkSak® offers hemp processors a nitrogen flushed, vacuum sealable lined bulk bag to preserve customers' CBD oil quality by minimizing decomposition and the growth of mold and fungus on hemp. This maximizes CBD oil retention, which is ideal for CBD oil being stored for extraction and processing. 

  • Prevents Mold Growth**
  • Improves CBD Oil Retention
  • Prevents Decomposition
  • Prevents Hemp Distribution
  • Available in UV Resistant Fabric
  • Meets FDA Requirements for packaging intended for use in contact with food.

    **Does not remove mold already in product before sealing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bag do I need to store and transport my hemp products?

The type of bag you need is largely dependent on a few key factors including the role you play in the supply chain, your methods for harvesting, your end product, etc.

bulk bag used for hemp storage spout bottom

BulkSak Hemp Bag Option #1
36x36x46 – duffle Top, Spout Bottom, uncoated
Bag Code: 363646-UDS-2205

bulk bag used for hemp storage flat bottom

 BulkSak Hemp Bag Option #2
35x35x50 – duffle Top, Flat Bottom, uncoated
Bag Code: 353550-UDF-2205

Specific Bulk Bags for Hemp farmers 

Standard uncoated bulk bags are a great fit for most hemp farmers because it allows your product to breathe while in the transition from your farm to the processor. Using our standard uncoated bulk bags will help to keep your hemp products free of moisture and mold. These uncoated bags have a large square duffel top, allowing farmers to easily stuff the plants down into the bags.

Specific Bulk Bags for Hemp Processors

Lined BulkSak® hemp bags are recommended for hemp processors, as they help to eliminate delays in the extraction process. These lined bulk bags can be nitrogen purged and vacuum-sealed to give your hemp products longer shelf life. The coated bulk bags are designed specifically for mold prevention and temperature control to protect your materials from combustion while in storage long-term. In order to use the lined BulkSak® bags properly, processors need to have the equipment on hand to do the nitrogen purge and a bar sealer to seal the liner.

Do I need a bulk bag liner for hemp?

Hemp processors are not required to use a particular type of bulk bags, but using lined bags is recommended for protecting your products long term. Hemp processors can benefit from the use of a lined bulk bag if they have the equipment to perform a nitrogen flush and can seal the bag.  Using the bulk bag liner will allow your hemp product to sit in storage for an extended period of time without decomposing or growing additional mold and has been shown to improve CBD oil retention.  

How much hemp can fit in an FIBC bag?

Depending upon the cut-size and the part of the plant that you are packaging into the bulk bag, you can fit anywhere from 200-500 lbs. of hemp in a bulk bag.

Do my hemp bags need to be FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve hemp packaging, per se, they only require the use of packaging made with 100% virgin polypropylene when used in products that are intended for consumption. All of our BulkSak® bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene and meet the FDA requirement.

What makes the BulkSak® Hemp Bag different? 

Our bags are tailored to address your unique needs as a grower or a processor.  We offer the capability to order in-stock, off the shelf hemp storage solutions as well as highly-customized, temperature stabilized solutions to meet the needs for long term storage and optimal oil retention. 

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