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PROVISIONGARD™ offers highly efficient, cost effective fumigation alternative treatment against insect infestation to packaged dry food.

BulkSak® bulk bags and woven polypropylene bags manufactured with ProvisionGARD™ technology :

    • Prevent insects from advancing to the next life cycle stage, thus eliminating reproduction and infestation

    • Are completely nontoxic and food-grade

    • Are FDA approved for use in food and feed packaging pursuant to regulations in 21 CFR Parts 175-177

    • Are compliant with world-wide safety standards related to import and can be shipped internationally without issue

    • Can be recycled the same as any standard polypropylene based product 

    • Continues to exhibit undiminished insect suppression 2 years after conversion

    • Have been in use since 1975

Insect resistant packaging

insect resistant bulk bags

Insect Resistant Bulk Bags


insect resistant woven polypropylene bags

Insect Resistant Woven PP Bags


hemp bulk bags

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Insect Blocking Package Technology