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    uniquely designed to meet a variety of applications



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Corrugated Pallet Construction & Component Options

Conitex Sonoco LoadRunner® pallets are uniquely designed to meet a variety of applications. With our corrugated paper pallets, we have the ability to design a solution for your total packaging needs. The drawing below illustrates our primary pallet construction.

LoadRunner Corrugated Pallets - Construction

Reduce shipping costs. Eliminate mold & bug problems. Promote safer handling.

LoadRunner corrugated pallets are manufactured in the USA. Unlike wood versions, LoadRunner pallets have a consistently smooth surface and are nail and splinter-free. They are 75% lighter than wood pallets and just as strong to replace wood pallets.

Customized for Your Load

  • ISPM 15 compliant and, because they are mold and bug free, are export-friendly pallets
  • Come in standard US and EuroPallet sizes; we can also customize to your size specifications
  • 100% recyclable; sustainable green alternative

Top Sheet Options

Our LoadRunner® pallets can be custom designed and manufactured with a variety of top sheets to best meet your requirements. The types of material that can be used range from single, double, and triple wall corrugated to honeycomb decking of various thicknesses. The top sheet can also be die cut to accommodate your specific product. In addition to a flat top sheet, we have the ability to incorporate a tray style or box which reduces packaging material cost.

Triple Wall Top Deck

corrugated triple wall pallet top deck


corrugated die cut pallet divider


Double Wall Top

corrugated double wall pallet divider sheet

Honeycomb Top

corrugated honeycomb top sheet for pallet

Corrugated Runner Options

Runners are an integral part of our pallet construction. The foundation of our LoadRunner® pallet is the high performance cylindrical support. Runners can be engineered in practically any size and strength. They are custom designed to provide specific product support and protection, particularly for loads that are not uniform or distributed evenly on pallets. Runners can be 2 or 4-way entry and are designed to be conveyor friendly. Runners can be sold separately and directly applied to your current product in lieu of a pallet for cost effective material handling. Buying runners separately may also give you a logistical advantage by allowing you to build your own pallet. 



2-way corrugated runner
2-way corrugated pallet runner


4-way paper pallet runner

Bottom Sheet Options

The bottom sheet is optional based on the targeted pallet strength and stability requirements, with construction options similar to the top sheet. The bottom sheet can also be die-cut to accommodate a pallet jack or other specific material handling devices.

Solid Bottom

bottom paper pallet sheet

Pallet Jack Access Bottom

pallet jack accessible cardboard pallet bottom