A Letter From Our CEO - José Luis Artiga

Jan 9, 2017 3:09:00 PM


Dear All, 

Jose Luis Artiga CEO of Conitex SonocoOur Company had a strong year in 2016. We are well positioned in the markets in which we operate and our brand is well established and known for delivering the best quality and service in the market. I want to thank you all of you for making this possible year after year.

Until now, some of our companies have been unilaterally helping Food Banks and other charitable organizations. I have decided that it is time to formalize and add structure to our charity program company-wide. Going forward, our company will dedicate 1% of its operating income to try to mitigate hunger in the different places where we have a presence.

I personally have a hard time accepting hunger in a world full of riches and waste as is ours. I believe everyone should do everything in his or her power to try to help people who cannot cover the most basic need: food.

Every quarter, our program will define which countries and organizations will receive our help. The VPs will communicate to GMs the quarterly programs, for the group companies to be able to donate locally.

It makes me feel good that our company is doing, in our small scale, a significant effort to help people in need. Every employee is part of this effort, and I thank you for it.

Best regards,
José Luis Artiga

Tags: Sustainability

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