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The space-saving capacity and lightweight design of our nestable plastic pallets combine to reduce shipping costs/trip producing a quick ROI.


Durable, reusable, twin-sheet thermoformed pallets and tops have a ten-year life expectancy ranging between 50 – 100 plus trips.

plastic pallets, pallet plastic, plastic skids


Designed specifically to cope with automated handling abuses, our rackable/stackable Uni-Pallet  is rackable to 1,000 Kg.


Environmentally-friendly, reusable and recyclable at end of useful life, these pallets are a green alternative to wood.



Shuert sets the standard for high quality structural integrity. We back their plastic pallet lines because they perform flawlessly.

Plastic Uni-Pallet Systems

Conitex Sonoco is an authorized distributor of Shuert’s plastic Uni-Pallet Systems.

These lightweight pallets perform all the functions of the wooden pallet without product damage, frequent/ costly repairs, and wood disposal.

Along with strength and durability the space-saving capacity and lightweight design combine to reduce your shipping costs.

plastic pallets, pallet plastic, plastic skids
Uni-Pallet Description L W H Truckload Qty
Uni-Pallet - Nestable        
40 x 48 Generation 2 48" 40" 6.5" 1200
40 x 48 Light Weight 48" 40" 6.125" 1440
40 x 46 Generation 3 48" 40" 6.5" 1200
42 x 48 48" 42" 6.5" 1120
42 x 54 54" 42"    
44 x 48 48" 44" 6.5" 1120
45 x 48 48" 45" 6.0" 1344
48 x 48 48" 48"    
Uni-Pallet - Doubler System 48" 40" or 42" or 44" - -
ExAir Pallet- 10 48" 40" 6" call
800 x 1200mm 1200 mm 800 mm 160 mm  
Uni-Pallet - Rackable/Stackable        
800 x 1200mm 1200 mm 800 mm  160 mm 629
600 x 800mm Half Pallet 600 mm 800 mm 150 mm 1265
Uni-Pallet - Display        

Uni-Pak Plastic Pallet Systems

Conitex Sonoco is an authorized distributor for Shuert’s Uni-Pak Plastic Pallet System.  

  • Space-efficient, pallets and tops are nestable as well as reusable and the sleeves are collapsible, yielding improved warehouse utilization and reducing freight costs.
  • Ergonomically-friendly, Uni-Paks are easy to assemble and disassemble. One container, one person, one minute. Our slide-lock eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming strapping and stretch wrapping systems.
  • Personalized printing of sleeve and embossing of top and pallet is optional.
  • Available in triple wall corrugated fiber-board sleeve or plastic sleeve.
plastic pallet system, plastic skids
plastic pallet system

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