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You need a supplier who shares your "green" values.
With 100% recyclable products, our global eco-friendly initiatives, using our family of products helps to reduce your business' overall wastes and be eco responsible. We have processes in place to cooperate with environmental regulations and mitigate resulting supply issues.

"Green" is at the core of our business.


Our partnership with Sonoco Recycling, a world-leading provider of recycling solutions, allows us, and Sonoco, to process waste material at 40 recycling centers globally.


With the ability to process plastic, wood, metal, glass, and paper wastes, Sonoco Recycling helps to establish green processes to help your business meet its sustainability goals.


Conitex Sonoco Global Recycling Facilities
Conitex Sonoco Recycled Material Packaging Products


100% of the products we manufacture are created using recycled material, and they are recyclable at the end of their use. Even our adhesives are non-toxic and biodegradable. 


We use energy-efficient methods in every phase of our production process – from clean-fuel manufacturing and cleaning to ensuring the effluent from our plants is treated to a standard higher than the water we take in.




Energy Conservation

In Tudela, Spain we use our own power plant to produce the thermal energy (steam & hot water) needed for our processes, reducing our impact on the environment. 

Our paper plants have reduced energy consumption by more than 30% (kW/ t) in the last 10 years, decreasing environmental impact while contributing to green growth, innovation and resource efficiency.


Coal Ash Recycling

In Indonesia, the ash that comes from burning coal is a hazardous product with few uses. We have recently acquired a permit to turn that ash into bricks to build up roads in the plant. Eventually we will expand this practice to China and will offer these bricks externally for local use.


Responsible Land Use

In Indonesia the farm land surrounding the manufacturing facilities is loaned to villagers for rice cultivation. The resulting crops are given to local villagers and shared with our employees. 


Green Manufacturing Options

We partner with Braskem, a chemical and petrochemical products manufacturer, to offer a green alternative to the traditional polyethylene resin. An innovative process creates polyethylene from sugarcane, a bio-based product and renewable energy source. Available in the US, Europe and Asia, the production process consumes CO2 versus producing CO2.

Conitex Sonoco Global Sustainability in Action
Conitex Sonoco Environmental Stewardship


We believe that making great products comes with great responsibility. That’s why we’re committed to proactively lessen our environmental impact to operate more sustainably. We believe we all play a vital part in helping ensure a safe and healthy world – for generations to come.


No-Landfill Initiative

Our world headquarters in North Carolina has been operating under a sustainability program that includes a no-landfill initiative. We are currently at 99% no landfill waste. The waste in our manufacturing, warehouse and headquarters offices is processed as follows:

  • 97% goes to recycling
  • 2% goes to incineration
  • 1% goes to landfill 

Blogs from Our Global Team

From sustainability in the textile industry to alternative materials to wood, our blog provides resources from Conitex Sonoco's unique perspective, and helpful articles to serve our industries. 

Sustainable products can improve your business' bottom line.

Learn how. Our dedicated product advisors can guide you to environmentally friendly packaging options, and provide personalized quotes. 

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